Embrace Dynamic Business Concepts for Utmost Productivity

There are different things that can play a crucial role in your business growth and strong recruitment. Hiring is the first part of a long path in any organization. A recruitment drive gets you plenty of employees who work on different designations in your office.  There are different concepts that are getting employed apart from the candidates.

It might surprise you that more and more firms are making the most of tools, instruments and concepts so as to reap the best outcomes. Now, talking about Hackathons, it fetches a wide range of advantages to both large and small businesses, and across all industries. The huge variety of the people who attend brings variety of thought, and as an outcome, ground-breaking prototypes and ideas are often produced.

What really this concept is?

In the beginning, the word Hackathonemerged from the word Marathon, a long or challenging activity in a short period) and Hack, here simply meant as exploratory programming.Well, during a Hackathon, the individuals spend a short period of time, generally between 24-48h which can even go up to a week.  It is all about building, forming and delivering a product. The concept is to collaboratively code in acore manner, to begin from scratch and end with a working example. It is often a type of competition, wherein teams of developers, programmers, and des1igners and project managers get together to design &form a wonderful product, a software project.It is kind of a team event. So the entire point of forming teams and working on a specific project gives you the chance to work in a real life setup, it means, that is how it works in the industry. You have to learn to do work with folks from diverse background, various skill set and so on.  What could be better way than a hackathon to get comfortable with it? Generally the teams do include a maximum of four people. You can work all by yourself but it would be better if you ask your employees to work in team because such a thing would get them a lot of more exposure and knowledge. Even if you send your employees to attend such a concept, would be a huge event for them. It would end up enhancing their knowledge and it all, as a result, benefit the organization. Remember, even if the candidates don’t know the other people gathered in the concept, there would be chance they would know them while team work.

Originally, the concept began in the open source community and presently it has become very common among programmers. You can easily find all type of individuals, some are chiefly intended for educational matters, other for social, and many are basically to create software. Mostly, businesses use this concept as a chance to get innovative ideas by their employees, some type of prototype that would be low priced at the end of the day.Hence the employees get to know about the ideas, innovation and creativity flowing in the industry and make the most of it all.

During these events, folk’smeet up to face diverse types of real life problems. You could find these concepts that possess a theme assigned and you have other ones wherein you would find that there are no themes and you hence pitch ideas construct on that. It is a wonderful opportunity to put together a huge number of people to address all together a same issue and find out how ideas and outcomes flow. It is indeed an opportunity to know and explore a lot in a single shot.

How about the structure of this concept?

The concept generally starts with an introduction related to the event related to the topic in case there is one. Andthen there is a kick-off wherein the participants are going to pitch product ideas and form teams on the basis of their interests and specific skills.As told earlier, this concept can be of twenty four hours but can stretch up to a week. Of course, for a small concepts, there is much more pressure.  In this way the structure goes but there can be variations as per the specific concept and specific areas.  Whatever be the duration of this concept, these events are absolutely brainstorming.

Your business or small company can make a lot of benefit from it. You must think of sending your employees to such types of events so as to gather some knowledge, polish up their skills and understanding the working of the world.When a single duration of some hours or a week can get you something really significant, then why not? Your employees not just make new ideas and develop software but also come in connection with many other officials belonging to other areas and zones. In this way, there remains utmost productivity and proficiency. Once the employees know about the ideas and new concepts, they bag them all to your organization and you can make the most of these. After all, sometimes, it is better to work out of four walls to get the maximum benefit within walls. You can send as many employees as you wish to and the exciting thing is that these concepts are often free of cost. It is always a gaining experience.

Another perk of this program or concept is that the employees you send become m more confident about themselves. Their confidence level increases when they interact with innovative and passionate people from different backgrounds. Where in four walls of the office, the communication of employees is limited to a small circle; in these events they can reach out to as many pupils as they wish to. It all boosts their morale and get them more productivity.


Thus, it is time that you think of introducing this concept in your working. If you can’t attend these, make sure someone does from your organization. Whether you attend these programs or your employees; it would be beneficial for your organization as a whole

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