Enjoy Pure and Authentic Vegetarian Food

In India people eats different cuisine like Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and another various cuisine. All over the world, there are few cuisines which serve pure vegetarian food. In India, different cuisines are served. People enjoy different cuisine as a meal or snack, a few years ago, In India; Most of the people eat pure vegetarian food. But nowadays few people are vegetarian. Because nowadays people eat an egg, meats in a meal. Pure Vegetarian food consists of different food except for the egg, meat, and other things. Pure vegetarian food serves by few countries as their cuisine like Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine. In this cuisine, we can say that food is pure vegetarian. Now let’s talk about Indian Cuisine. Indian cuisine has a variety of dishes and cuisines also like Mughlai cuisine, Awadhi cuisine, Punjabi cuisine and many more. Indian cuisine has a variety of cuisines. In India there is different taste and tradition of every region. Because of native Indian Subcontinents. Indian cuisine has different taste due to diversity in soil type, climate, and culture.  Indian cuisine also varies due to its spices, herbs, and vegetables. Indian food is influenced by its culture and traditional but it’s also influenced due to religious value of Hindu culture and tradition. Indian cuisine is also influenced by Middle Eastern and Central Asian since the years of Mughal rule.

Pure vegetarian food is just a food which doesn’t consist of dishes made by meat and other stuff.  In last decades people follow the rules to eat vegetarian food. In India, there are four categories of caste system mainly. Brahmin is got the first position in the caste system. Brahmin is doing worship so they are pure vegetarian. They follow culture and tradition.

In CP there is N number of restaurants which serves best and pure vegetarian food. As we know CP has so many restaurants. And it’s a crowded place where people visit so much. Variety of food serves by restaurants in CP. But few restaurants serve pure vegetarian food with authentic taste and flavor. In CP few restaurants are very popular which serves best pure veg restaurants CP.

As we all know In Delhi people are very foodie. Delhi has a variety of taste. People eat different kinds of cuisine like Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and many more. Dwarka is a famous place in Delhi. It is situated at one end of Delhi and nearest to Gurgaon. Dwarka is having so many famous places and it has industrial area. Dwarka  is surrounded by lots of restaurants and hotels. But In Dwarka there are few restaurants which provide quality of food and provide good facility and services to their customer so the customer went to their place repeatedly.  All these restaurants offer discounts to their customer on festive occasion to increase revenue and it also helps in their promotion too. In Dwarka few restaurants are best restaurants in Dwarka.

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