Enjoy Watching Movies at PVR Logix IMAX Noida Like a Royalty

When it comes to watching a movie, nothing but the best must be chosen and PVR Logix IMAX Noida is the best in the city. Its premium location, close to the Wave City Centre Noida, Sector 32 makes it very easy to access. It is this reason that movie-watchers from other NCR Cities like Faridabad, Delhi, and Ghaziabad love to come here and catch their favourite movie. If you are new in the city, just find out about PVR Logix IMAX Noida Address and reach on time to catch a much-awaited movie.

Advance Booking

If the movie you are planning to watch is a super-duper blockbuster, it is advised to get advance booking done. With Paytm.com as your trusted partner, you can book tickets while sitting in the comfort of your home or office. You can even book tickets while on the go. The platform has made the entire movie ticket booking experience excellent and simple. PVR Logix IMAX Noida ticket booking has become so much hassle-free and convenient with Paytm.com to support at every step.

Luxury abounds at PVR Logix IMAX Noida

When you step into PVR Logix at IMAX, you are stunned to see the ambience of the theatre. It seems as if you have entered into a 5-star Hotel Lobby, with gleaming floors, amazing lighting and lovely interiors. A simple movie-watching experience is taken to the new heights by PVR Staff making it a very special and memorable experience for the movie-revellers. There are fifteen movie screens that accommodate a lot of movie-goers at one go while at the same time a choice of movies across various genres.

Snacking to your heart’s content

PVR Logix IMAX Noida has an excellent range of snacks that keeps movie-goers satiated and content. From a variety of mock tails, shakes and coffee to salty and sweet snacks, there is a lot to choose from. The standard combo of popcorn or nachos with cold drinks is also available. People love to gorge on these lip-smacking delights while watching their favourite flick.

Clean and sanitised washrooms

PVR takes its responsibility very seriously and as such it has not only focused on the beauty and interiors of the theatre but also on the cleanliness of washrooms. These washrooms are cleaned on a regular basis and an attendant is always there to help patrons. High standards of hygiene are maintained. Soap dispenser, tissue rolls and dryer is available for complete cleanliness regimen.

Check Show times of Different Movies

If you have not yet decided which movie you would like to watch and have not booked in advance, no worries. You just need to open Paytm page and scroll through the show times at IMAX Noida, choose a movie and book tickets. You can also check out vacant seats and book as per your seating preference. The entire ticket booking experience is amazing and anyone can book tickets.

Visit Paytm.com and check out the movies being shown in the theatre and book tickets with extraordinary ease. You may also save on tickets by enjoying cashback offers or other deals and discounts.

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