Essay on Ego

What is your picture? Self-feeling is an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčseparation from our original actions, from God, from each other, to make ourselves manifest in our mind to show ourselves that we were created with everything , Can give itself an alternative matter. Instead of in God’s picture, naturally writers, or self-made, or freedom to work in our image. We had to face our own image unexpectedly, rather than God and every other person than that. At the end of the day, the picture itself is that we use ourselves to save ourselves from being identified.

Self-feeling is a grass which we prepare for our destruction. The inner self is the way to make yourself. We are nothing from ourselves. We are not the ones we belong to God. Because we belong to God, we are glorious. Because we are God, we are God. We did not change anything to change God for personality. As long as we are personally, we should keep ourselves bound to our main role.

We made ourselves to God supplier. We are always choosing for God or for self-esteem. We made ourselves without decoration, so it does not love us. God made us from the womb, so God loves us. It has been a mistake for her to love her photo for her to use her love against us. It is the only sense of purpose to exist. It does not think of us through any part of the imagination. God loves us. We are intellectuals to choose God instead of ourselves. God could not stop us from making conscience, because it would need to do so that opposition to our will and God is love, and God is always necessary for His love. Our custom is free

Revenge Change

Will the revenge change? No, personality is interested in its existence and change is not its plan. It cannot be changed or purified, or can be brought under the soul, or it can not end exactly. The feeling of self and spirit is not known to each other. Our basic work in relation to the picture itself is considered to be a mistake of self-determination and thus liberates its devils.

Is it safe to say that we are not able to realize ourselves? No, not at all, but we are responsible for each other, no one like this, but we can free ourselves from our poor spirits. Anyone who is free shows us what the conscience is, so we can get upset with it, but no one else, but we can free it.

Can it be self-understood? Yes, it is possible that our identity needs to be restored. What’s more, depends on the flexibility of your sense on the world’s salvation. Independence of self-determination is the only purpose of life. For this we must completely acknowledge God. We all expect our desire. God will wrap. How do we understand ourselves? Take it on Gandhi. On this occasion, we fight ourselves with feeling.

Terms and Win it

We meet its terms and win it, because determining the individual’s present personality is very important. On this occasion, we see it easily, we look at the weakness. By rejecting the inner self, feeling regretful about it, saving, stabilizing it, keeping it safe, becoming friends with … all the ways to maintain the image of itself. We realize that by taking back the punishment from him.

In history, only one person has won a person in one billion. This is unusual, because no one faces any kind of problem that is truly a picture of itself. As soon as you do, you will leave it. The person who is a legendary. Why? Because this person has broken the code for humanity and cheats himself. Everybody enjoys when a person gets free. Such a person is getting rid of mafia. When it is brave to make this single time a short time before the end of the mafia’s homepage. Mafia is not going to content with you. When you do not share any ideological system, you make it weak and threaten those who subscribe to them, but always remember that you have God with you and in the presence of God Becomes weak.

Self-feeling after Life Remains

Self-feeling after life remains with life. When the body dies, the internal itself does not cut soil. When we lose it, we only die. When we do, we get born and passed. We are born due to conscience. On the occasion that we pass through the personality, we will be rebuilt with a staff responsibility, because the internal self depends on its existence on its own. The moment we cleans ourselves from ourselves, we clean ourselves with wrath, because the work itself is. Self-feeling causes us to do so for which we feel sad. At this time, we convinced that we deserve punishment for our sins, which are the correct errors. That’s why we return back to life all day long.

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