Firefly 2 Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Are you looking for a dry herb vaporizer? Then buy Firefly 2 vaporizer. This device is the latest edition of the Firefly vaporizer. The newly updated device is lighter than the original one and features the on-demand convection heating. It also features a Bluetooth app which allows you to customize your heat profile and even switch into concentrate mode. Let’s dive further to know more about this portable device.

How It Works
As we know, the device features on-demand convection, which only allows the herbs to cook when you press the heating buttons and begin drawing from the unit. When you don’t press the buttons, they no longer cook and preserve their integrity for the next draw. The device does not have on/off buttons, it stays on standby mode. The device also features an app which helps to change the temperature settings. You can easily connect with the device using the Bluetooth app.

Temperature Flexibility
The original edition Firefly was not temperature flexible. The latest Firefly 2 offers easy access to temperature control through the Firefly app. You can choose from a range of temperatures for concentrates and herbs.

If you are using the device between 170oC and 220oC, the unit will automatically set to herb mode, where you can get full control over the type of vapor. In case, the device exceeds the temperature from 225oC, it will turn in concentrate mode.

Vapor Quality
The vapor quality of the device is simply amazing. You can get the taste of all the herbs.
The glass vapor path and chamber does a phenomenal job by keeping the vapors aromatic and clean. You will surely get the best vaping experience.

Manufacturing Quality
The manufacturing quality of Firefly 2 is pretty good. Once you open the box, you will automatically get a feel of a quality product. The device is sleek, smooth, and sexy. The magnetic faceplate helps to protect the device from the wear and tear, and the borosilicate glass helps you get the amazing flavor.
The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and you get a spare battery so that you do not get any problem while traveling. If you are purchasing online, you can easily get Firefly 2 on sale. Isn’t that great?

Battery Life
The best part about the device provides you with a spare battery. Which is a plus point! Once the battery is charged fully it can set you, complete 3-4 cooks, keeping the right temperature. Having a spare battery ensure you get around 6-8 vaping sessions without any interruption.

The original Firefly device was not portable because of its size. The new device is around 33% smaller than the previous unit, making it portable. Although the device is quite portable, but the accessories take up all the space. If you want a full day charge, you will need a second battery for sure, or you will need the USB cable and dock. Don’t forget the stirring sticks to miss the herbs.

Ease of Use                                                                                                                                    The device is a mixed bag when it comes to its usage. The functionality of Firefly 2 is easy, you just have to press the hold button while inhaling. Rest, you can set the temperature through the app. Which is quite easy! The settings you get on the app are not that tricky and have a simple interface.

Overall Experience
All in all, the device is a huge improvement over the previous edition. It provides better quality vapors. It is best for people who want quick sessions, without the annoying heating time. The battery life is adequate and improved over the previous generation.

Firefly 2 will provide you with an extremely efficient vaping session, making the device worth the hype. You can purchase Firefly 2 vaporizer for sale from a reputed site online. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your hands on this latest edition now!


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