Five top supplements essential for bodybuilding

The number of people eager to have a muscular looking body like their favourite celebrity is growing at a tremendous pace. When building muscles or bodybuilding, the body in general is found to be limited by nutrition. Irrespective of how hard the person trains, there is not seen much progress made in developing muscles. This is because some essential nutrients are not derived through food that is consumed normally. Such nutrients are necessary for getting the desired results. It is for this reason, people turn towards supplements.

Significance of supplements

Supplements are considered to be a fabulous way to increase valuable nutrients in the body and to develop muscles, train harder and to recover much faster. They also boost results, while pushing individual limits. They do allow significant progress to be made with each training. One can buy their choice of supplements from the leading online supplement store.

Top supplements

  • Whey protein: This is fast digesting milk protein which helps to provide the skeletal muscle with essential amino acids. It also is essential to gain muscles and is commonly used. When taken, it exerts strong anabolic effects and hence, is used as pre and post workout meal for enhancing protein synthesis as well as to improve muscle recovery and restoration. Irrespective of the objective to develop lean mass or to cut down on body fat, whey protein can help speed gain and loss process.
  • Creatine: This substance occurs naturally in the liver, kidneys and liver. It helps promote muscle cell volume, post workout recovery, lean body mass and to increase muscle performance. It is found in the skeletal muscle tissue about 95%, where it gets converted to creatine phosphate to produce ATP energy molecule. It increases strength and energy and allows tough workouts combined with better performance.
  • BCAA (Branched Amino Acid): It is an amazing supplement which allows the bodybuilders to enhance workout results. The protein comprises of twenty amino acids of which only three are referred to as BCAAS, namely, leucine, isoleucine and valine. They do help stimulate protein synthesis and regulate protein metabolism. They help the muscle tissue to derive nutrients and to recover faster. They also serve as energy source while performing workouts. So, nutrients lost while performing exercises is replaced. It also reduces muscle fatigue related pain and improves metabolic recovery.
  • Glutamine: It helps with speedy recovery and hence, a must for all serious bodybuilders. Muscle tissue breakdown is slowed down during intensive workout to elevate endurance and to improve strength. Heavier weights can be lifted by the bodybuilders for longer time periods and to train much harder to produce lean muscles. It preserves muscle tissue and to burn additional fat, thereby slowing muscle loss.
  • Beta-Alanine: This amino acid occurs naturally and increases Carnosine intramuscular levels by about 60% within a month. The body during intensity workout is able to accumulate hydrogen in large amounts, thus causing drop in pH, thus making the person become more acidic. Muscle performance is decreased due to lactic acid, thereby causing severe fatigue and muscle failure. The supplement ensures increased Carnosine levels.

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