Is there any Future of Dedicated Servers in the Era of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is becoming more and more popular among users. It is definite that the future belongs to the cloud but that doesn’t mean that cheap dedicated servers in India will meet their end. If you thing that cloud hosting will make the online community bid adieu to the traditional dedicated server hosting then you have mistaken as well as miscalculated. You have written the epitaph too soon. There has been too much hype on cloud computing and there are some who are portraying that the traditional hosting is slowly but surely losing its significance. It is true that there are enormous benefits associated with cloud hosting and computing but thinking that the dedicated servers will go to oblivion is sheer foolishness. There is much more than what meets the eyes.

However, thinking cloud hosting is the only option available is completely wrong. It should be acknowledged that there are wide array of cloud hosting as well as dedicated server hosting services available to the customers. If you think that cloud is the best possible solution in every possible business scenario, you are mistaken. It has been witnessed in many practical instances that cheap dedicated servers in India are the best possible solution for large businesses. It must be also acknowledged that both dedicated hosting solutions and clouds have their own pros and cons.

Is Expanding in Cloud Market Rational for You?

Deciding between a traditional dedicated hosting solution and a cloud infrastructure involves dilemmas. It is true that dedicated servers are costlier when comparison is drawn with shared and VPS hosting solutions. However, eyes can’t be taken of the fact that large businesses are always willing to pay more to get better speed as well as reliability by availing services of the dedicated servers. It is a fact that more number of large enterprises are sticking to their dedicated hosting services than move to the cloud. More and more experts are coming to believe that there is a non-depleting market for cheap dedicated Windows servers in India.More and more businesses still believe that dedicated servers are much more effective not only than that of VPS or shared hosting but also that of cloud hosting solutions.

What’s the reason of high popularity of dedicated hosting solutions?

There are two basic reasons why large business entities choose cheap Windows dedicated server hosting in India and they are speed and reliability. There are other advantages as well. The servers are found to be more configurable than any other available hosting plan or option. Another thing that works in its advantage is the fact that the dedicated hosting solutions are completely isolated.

Experts are of the view that even if an enterprise chooses a cloud solution, it must not let go of the cheap dedicated servers in India. That’s why new arrangements including cloud and dedicated server portfolio have become very popular. If you are a dedicated hosting service provider and is inthe constant fear that non-adoption of cloud hosting will eat away your profit earning, you can take a chill pill because nothing sort of that going to happen soon.


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