Green Building Practices—Saves the Planet and Your Money

By the year 2030, electric cars on an average will be emitting only 50% of the CO2 emissions as compared to diesel cars. Everyone knows or should know that the reduction of carbon footprints across every sector and industry is the way to sustainable living. Things like rising temperatures across Earth are a major threat. A rise of even 1 degree Fahrenheit affects the balance of ecosystems and the animals and plants which are dependent on it.

Green building practices is creating a building using means that helps in being resource- efficient and environmentally responsible from start to finish. Green buildings can also be labeled as ‘high performance or sustainable buildings’ as they help to not only preserve the environment but also help save money in the longer run with these abilities.

The expenses of incorporating green practices and limited or no knowledge have generally been factors which have kept people at bay. What people have found out is the fact that in the long term there are savings which may be “six to seven” times higher. Mentioned below are some of the various green building practices for new homes and it shows how money and energy can be saved.


This is the key factor for any home—green or not. West facing houses would be the preferred ones as they face a lot less heating. It should not be in a place which is known for natural disasters like floods and earthquakes as well. If a good public transportation is in place nearby, the emissions from one’s own vehicle would also reduce majorly and save money as well.

Eco friendly lighting-

This has been the norm across most Residential Apartments in Bangalore in the past couple of years. While people may have initially been reluctant due to costs, they have all seen the benefits that have been reaped in the longer run. Having a longer lifespan is just one of the many advantages over regular bulbs.

Smaller is wiser-

With a continuous decline in the amount of time available in one’s personal life, who wants to clean parts of a house which is hardly used or not required. On energy lines, a smaller home cools and heats up faster as well.

Sustainable material-

This is one of the base requirements for going green. This means that whatever one plans to make must be made of environment friendly materials. Money on maintenance and repair gets saved.

Save water-

Most know majority of our planet is covered in water. What most do not know is that around 99% of the water is not fit for use by humans and quite a few other living things? Common ways of saving water include rain water harvesting and using low pressure faucets within the house. Cutting out hot water in washing machines reduces energy consumption by as much as 85%.


The modern day electrical manufacturers have turned it into a win-win situation for everyone—themselves, customers and the environment by coming up with appliances which save a lot on energy and hence costs while performance is also not compromised.

Solar energy-

This is known to be one of the cleanest and most renewable forms of energy. Things like the location of the house and how the solar panels have been made have a massive impact on how much of power can be generated. The initial extra costs are more than covered in the future due to the amount of energy saved.

Energy efficient window-

This concept gave the idea of windows a totally new meaning altogether. Ratings on these windows determine their energy saving capabilities. Again, while the costs for such windows may be higher than regular ones, it will help save in the future.

Adequate insulation-

Around 50% of a home’s energy consumption can be attributed to trying to lower and increase the temperatures within a home. Having the right kind of insulation goes a long way into reducing costs.

The main mantra for going green is to reuse, recycle and reduce. If the abovementioned factors are incorporated in one’s household, they are on the right track to saving the planet and their money.


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