Guide to Pick the Right Rain Jacket

No one can deny the comfort of a cup of warm tea and plate heaped with fritters on a rainy day within the comfort your own bed. But, the dread of monsoon shows up when we actually step out of the comfort bubble of our homes into the torrential rain, messy puddle and accidental splashes and splatters on the road. This is when rain jackets come into play to keep us dry even when the skies let loose. It can, however, be quite a task to pick the right rain jackets for men and women with every second shop selling them. So here is our guide to help you pick the right one for yourself.

  1. Water Resistant

When reliable brands mark their rain jackets to be water resistant they mean it. Water resistant rain jackets will not only shield you from the rain but are made of light and breathable fabric which is comfortable. It will not make you feel stuffy or make you sweat profusely in the already humid Indian monsoons by trapping your body heat. These types of rain jackets are exactly what you need for your everyday wear during the gloomy monsoon.

  1. Wind resistant

Look for rain jackets which are wind resistant as well. We know how unpredictable the Indian monsoons can get so it can be all calm and sunny one moment and all stormy and windy the other. So it is essential that you get yourself a rain jacket that is wind resistant to shield you from windy weather which is often accompanies by rain.

  1. Breathable Fabric

Invest in a rain jacket made of fabric which has been coated with a layer of wwater-resistantcoating or laminate which has the technology to shield you from the rain but also lets your body breathe and the sweat vapour to evaporate out. Brands which make cheap rain jackets obviously cannot invest in such advanced technology so, when you buy cheap ones, keep in mind that you are giving up on comfort while saving a few bucks.

  1. Lightweight

For everyday use, choose a rain jacket which is lightweight. This ensures that you stay comfortable when you layer it on top of your outfit and does not hinder with your mobility throughout the day. When your rain jacket is lightweight you can easily fold it or wrap it up and carry with yourself when there is no rain. You can find good brands sell their rain jackets with bags in which you can carry your jacket without things getting messy and wet.

  1. Decent sized hood

Try to get a rain jacket which has a spacious hood which will fit your head comfortably and protect it from overhead rain. Most cheap rain jackets have a small hood which sits very tight on you head and can often make you head ache and itch.

We suggest you head over to a reliable online store which sells a variety of men’s and women’s rain jacket with every detail of their product. This lets you get genuine products which assure great quality and durability.

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