How grapes can benefit one

Having at least one fruit everyday is a very good and healthy habit. These days; people do live a very stressful life and do not have correct eating habits. That is why; it is recommended to have one fruit everyday so that one gets some proper health benefits from that.

Endless varieties of fruits are available throughout the year and grapes are one of them. Having a handful of grapes anytime a day can not only fill the stomach but the goodness of it also benefits an individual. So, one can also include this juicy fruit in birthday fruit baskets.

Here are some major benefits of having them:

Prevent Heart Diseases

Grapes can increase the nitric oxide level in the blood and so it can easily prevent the blood clots. This actually helps in improving the overall cardio vascular health. Having grapes is thus a very effective way to reduce the chance of heart attacks. If the nitric oxide level in the blood is proper then it can keep the blood pressure in control and prevents the arterial stiffness in a human body.

Rich in Flavonoids

Grapes do have a high number of flavonoids from which the colour of the grapes comes. They also have a lot of powerful anti oxidants. There are mainly 2 types of anti oxidants present in grapes. They are; quercetin and resveratrol. They can negate the effects of free radicals which threaten the body and stimulate the LDL cholesterol that can have some harmful effects on the arteries. They can also filter out some toxins from the blood.

Relieve Constipation

They are very effective in giving someone relief who is suffering from constipation.  Grapes are considered to be a laxative fruit which contains sugar, organic acid and cellulose. It can help one to get relief from chronic constipation by toning up the essential muscles and the stomach.  They are high in insoluble fibres and so they keep the digestive tract functioning.

Helps with Asthma

Grapes are very well known for their therapeutic values. That is why; this fruit can also be used in the treatment of asthma. Grapes also have high hydrating power and it increase the moisture present in the lungs and thus it reduces the asthmatic events.

Diabetes Management

There are some fruits which are very effective in lessening the risk of the type 2 diabetes in a human body. Grapes are definitely one of them. If one has 3 servings of grapes then it can reduce the chance of diabetes for at least 7 percent.

Prevent Cataracts

Grapes have a lot of flavonoids present in it. They also have a good number of anti oxidants which can reduce and fight the damage that are caused by free radicals. If there are free radicals it can lead to the damage of the eye health and can give rise to cataract issues when one ages.

One can include grapes in fruit birthday gifts because they are also known to be strengthening bones and immunity system of an individual.

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