How to ace physics in your JEE exam?

The end of the board exams are around the corner, and this is one of the most important times for the students to choose the right career path that will help them to flourish in their professional life. One of the most on-demand exams after the 12th is the JEE examination which is an entrance exam for the student who wants to pursue Engineering and the AIPMT exam which is for the student who wants to pursue a career in medicine. Every year, the JEE examination is being taken by more than twelve lakhs students. The majority of the students opt for the offline mode, and only a small part of the total number of students opt for the online method.

There has been a gradual fall in the total number of students applying for the JEE examination over the years. And Maharashtra is one of those states who has faced a down surge in the number of JEE applicant. Apart from the total number of the applicant, there has been a down surge in the cut off marks. With the number of the applicant applying for JEE falling, the students who are eligible for applying from JEE have been raised to 2 lakhs from 1.5m lakhs. Even though there has been a degradation of cutoff marks, bu7t the level of difficulty along with the other parameters have been retained.

How to ace the JEE examination?

JEE examination is one the toughest examination of India where only a handful number of students out of the total number of applicants can make it through. The examination is based on the syllabus of class 11 and 12. And since the syllabus is partially based on the 12th standard, so it will be easier for the students to prepare who have just completed their 12th standard examination. Leading the group discussions, every JEE student should materialize the concept of open-ended questions to expedite the entire group discussions and following up on the questions to go more in-depth into the issue help you to maintain the focus and be prophetic enough to prevent misunderstandings.

  • Listening and reading
  • To improve the communication skills, the JEE aspirants
  • The active listening is also based on listening with compassion and looking for the purpose underneath the factual statement as well. Reading is one of the fundamental aspects of the JEE examination

Every JEE aspirant need to stay on the track to upgrade their communication skills. One of the hallmarks of the strong oral communicator is all about the laser-focus and smooth consciousness in thoughts expressed.

The young and innovative learners are groomed well for communicating promptly. So, here are a few tips that will help you to prepare for the best for your JEE examination.

Tips for preparing for your JEE examination

The most important topics that must be covered for your JEE examinations are the Heat, mechanics, and electricity from Physics. The magnetism and electricity forms then a major part of physics. The communication skills and interactive abilities of the JEE aspirants have a significant role to play in making the productive workplace climate in the future as well.

But, while you prepare for the physics part, make sure that you keep your focus on one book rather than taking suggestion from random books as it will make you more confused.  Each of the suggestion books has its theory. So, make sure that you keep your focus on one book rather than taking suggestions from simultaneous books. Some of the best Physics books that will help you to prepare for your JEE examination are the HC Verma and DC Pandey. You can follow these books while preparing for your 12th standard examination as all the problems are explained elaborately in both of these books.

Before all, to crack the JEE examination, you need to achieve a robust preparation for your 12th standard examination as that is the benchmark from where your journey will start. Know more.

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