How to Allocate Homework for Outstanding Grades?

Are you thinking whether assigning of homework will be helpful in improving the grades of your students or not? Well, no one likes to do homework, right? However, being a teacher you can’t overlook this aspect of the learning process. There are some effective techniques that you need to execute to assign homework in an appropriate manner to help your students in the retention and learning of the lesson taught in the classroom.

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Efficacious homework approaches should be on their way to accomplishment before your students leave the classroom. Let’s have a look at some of the things that you can bear in mind before planning to allocate homework to ensure improvement in the students learning process.

The Difficulty Level and Length of the Assignment:

Always ensure that the length and the difficulty level of the assignment should be in compliance with the age of your students. It should not be too lengthy or difficult for them to do. In both the scenarios, they will lose interest in completing the assignment and the purpose of giving them homework won’t be served. The rule of thumb is (this you will be learning in-depth during your online teachers training) you should not assign more than 15-20 minutes of assignment for home to the children in 1st or 2nd grade, less than an hour assignment to children who are in 4-6th grades, and the secondary class children should not be given assignment that takes more than 2hours.

Follow Standard Policies Set By the School:

You need to make sure whatever rules and regulations you are trying to follow while assigning homework to the students should be in line with what other teachers are following in your school.

Discussion about the Home Assignment in the Class:

Before the start of the new class session, always ensure that you do discuss with your students about the completion of the assignments given by you at home. You need to make things very clear and help them understand the benefit of these assignments so that they can sincerely make a point to complete their assignments regularly.

Create a Well-Structured Timetable For Homework Completion:

You must think about the creation of a well-structured timetable for the completion of the homework so that students are able to cover their assignment within the stipulated time.

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