How to Approach a DUI Defense

The first rule of avoiding a DUI on your record is to not drive when you are intoxicated. Even if you have been indulging in one or two drinks, it is always best to be safe. Sometimes when you are in the excitement of being at the bar and having fun, you believe that you are 100 percent fine. But only when you step behind the wheel and start driving do you realize that you are inebriated. And it could be too late by then, if you are pulled over by a cop and asked to take a breathalyzer.

But say you have made that mistake. It is okay. We all make mistakes, even though we try to limit them. Now you have to figure out a way to get through this DUI charge. The good news is that by hiring a top lawyer, you will be able to do so. What you have to do is find an attorney from Skinner Law Firm or a similar level of firm. By hiring a lawyer from a top firm in the area, you will vastly improve your chances of avoiding a charge or getting a lower sentence.

You may think, why does it matter if I have a top lawyer for a simple charge like a DUI? Because it is all about how you are presented to the prosecution and the judge. The truth is that if you are representing yourself or you have an inexperienced lawyer, they will see it as a chance to make an example of you. They will know that you do not have the know how to avoid the charge, which is why they will throw the book at you. But if you have a top lawyer with a great reputation on your side, then you will find the other side is much less likely to go after you in a strong way.

They will be more likely to try and get a settlement. They will know your lawyer is tough and will be difficult to beat in a trial. And that is especially true if there is some extenuating circumstance, such as an improper police stop and search. Perhaps the officer was rude to you. Maybe they had no reason to think you had been drinking, as you were driving perfectly fine. Such facts can be used by a great attorney to present the opposition case as being less than stellar.

So contact a lawyer and see what they can do to help you. Just make sure you are being 100 percent honest with them. Tell your lawyer how many drinks you had that night. Tell them when you had your last drink and when you left in your car. Be honest. If you give them all the facts, including the events of being pulled over by the police, they can mount a good defense. And take your lawyer’s advice, even if they tell you to take a guilty plea. They know about your chances in a trial, which is why they may be suggesting a plea.

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