How To Change Your Look For Winter

Winter has gotten here quickly, which is great! However, some of us aren’t prepared for how to change our look for Winter. We’re busy wearing shorts and tank tops, but we need to switch over to fall before it’s too late! Here is how to change your look for Winter, without it being too stressful.

How to Change Your Look for Fall

Leggings are all the rage

I’m so glad I live in an era where leggings are good to go! I mean, who doesn’t love leggings for comfort or for dress-up? If I had to choose one clothing item for Winter, it would be leggings. They go with anything and are just a great way to change your look for Winter.

Don’t forget to grab a jacket

Most women are so busy worrying about everyone around them for Winter, that they forget about themselves. An essential for fall is a jacket! This year, grab a jacket that not only screams style, but also is super comfortable for you!

Boots are a must

My favorite part of Winter has always been transitioning from shoes to boots. I love that there are tall and short boots available, you could wear a new pair for every outfit you have, the selection is that large. However, the other good thing about boots is you can grab one pair and they will be great for almost any outfit you have.

Grab a fun Lace Front Wig

One thing I have always done, in the Winter, is update my wig selection. I started wearing wigs a few years ago because they help me complete my Fall look. You can process a beautiful and natural look within a few minutes. My go to place for everything wigs is Divatress. I love that they offer a good collection of wigs at reasonable prices. Head there and discover what lace front wig style you can find to help you bring in fall.

Darker makeup is in

Winter means that I bring out my darker makeup, too. I love the smokey eye look for the winter weather. I also bring out my darker blush and lipstick. Fall allows us to be a little more playful with our makeup, which gets me excited.

Now that winter is here, get playful with your look! Change up your wardrobe to be more playful. Don’t be shy about adding a front lace wig or adding darker makeup to your style.

How do you change your look for winter? Is it a make up, a particular hair style, some cute furry boots, wool leggings? What kind of simple changes for winter did I miss? I’d love to hear your tips, tricks and looks in the comments below!

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