How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Ring?

Your wedding date is finalized and everything is set. Now it’s time to select the perfect wedding ring. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect ring.

Refine your choices

You might get confused with which ring type to buy, diamonds, gold, platinum. Refining your choices may seem very overwhelming but you should not get panic. Proceed stepwise. Initiate with style. Think of the following questions while narrowing down your choices:

  • Are you predicting a simple band or one with add-ons?
  • Do you need your wedding ring to be the equal metal as your engagement ring?
  • Do you ponder you and your partner’s rings must tie?
  • Do you need a gold ring design for female without stone or with beautiful stones?

By answering these questions to yourself you can easily refine it in your mind about what you exactly want.

Start your search early

Once you get a basic idea on what you want, the next step comes and it going to be fun. Trying different rings. It’s better to start searching for a ring two to three months before your special occasion. In this time, you can browse, examine prices and make to visit for rings that catch your eyes. If your eyes catch a customized ring then you will need even more time. Also, another important thing that needs time is engraving which sometimes takes even 1 month or more.


Don’t get tensed if you like gold and your partner likes platinum. There is no such rule that both of you have to wear the same metal. In that case, you can also opt for braided bands that blend two metals or else you can also go for totally different metal types. The most important factor is to find wedding bands that will perfectly match your individual style.

 Fix a budget

Before starting your search for your wedding rings always set a budget for your rings. Like how much percentage of your total wedding budget you want to spend in your ring. Based on retailer a simple 14 karat gold or platinum ring can cost up to 70000-80000. Then there are other factors like embellishments or engraving that will add up the cost. So, keep all this in mind while fixing your budget as well if you want to go for customized rings.

Your lifestyle

Keep in mind that you are going to wear this ring lifetime, therefore it would be wise to choose a ring that flawlessly matches with your lifestyle. If you are a sportsperson, then a thin ring with round edge makes sense if your everyday work involves your hands then go for simple, but the solid metal ring and try to avoid ring with gemstones or engravings. If you are a very active person then platinum is best, that is highly durable.

Keep your wedding bangles also in mind.

Side by side also looks for 22k gold bangles designs with a price that will match well with your ring. When your bangles and ring will match it will give you a perfect look to your hands on your big day.

Thus, this is some important factors you should consider while selecting your wedding ring.

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