In-depth Explanation of Periodontitis Disease With Prevention Tips

While talking about oral diseases, the main focus of every person always remains on teeth. It is apparent because most of the problems in your mouth are concerned with canines, incisors, molars and premolars. Generally, the reason for their ailing health is bad hygiene, but sometimes, these problems are also inherited from one generation to another. One of the worst mouth problems that are affecting the worldwide population is periodontitis. It is basically a gum infection that infests throughout the mouth and you need expert help from a sedation dentistry in San Antonio to tackle this situation. In reality, every mouth is the habitat of bacteria, but in some cases, it expands abruptly and causes periodontal diseases. Scroll down to know whether you are also suffering from any stage of periodontitis or not.

What is periodontal disease

Periodontitis is a bacterial infection that attacks gums rather than your teeth. However, the main target of this disease is your tooth set by weakening their roots. Improper brushing leads to excessive plaque sticking on your gums. This layer of plaque is an ideal habitat for bacteria to multiply rapidly. Consequently, you can experience several issues at initial stage including bad breath and gum bleeding. Here are some symptoms to identify that you are the potential target of serious periodontal diseases.

Symptoms that you can’t ignore

1) Swelling in gums
2) Bleeding everytime you brush
3) Bad breath
4) Feeling pain while chewing
5) Misalignment in tooth
6) Tender Gums
7) Extra space developing between tooth
If you are facing any of these issues for a long time, don’t ignore the symptoms and consult any sedation dentistry in San Antonio as soon as possible.

Most common reasons for periodontitis

Poor oral health maintenance
A habit of consuming tobacco products
Genetic inheritance
Malnutrition especially vitamin C deficiency in food
Medications course that leads to dry mouth
Hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy period

A complete cycle how your tooth suffer from periodontitis

The serious consequences of periodontitis diseases are preventable because its initial stages are easy to handle without requiring any dental sedation drugs. The primary reason for this disease is plaque formation on teeth and gums. It is easily removable if you brush twice a day and do regular flossing to remove plaque from difficult corners. If ignored, it continuously keeps hardening on teeth with an excessive infestation of bacteria that cause serious damage consequences.

The initial stage of periodontitis on gingivitis when a patient experience irritation and inflammation. This situation is also reversible with some topical antiseptics as per the prescription of a dentist and maintaining oral hygiene at home.

The final stage of improper care leads to the severe stage of periodontitis where you need professional treatment by a sedation dentist in San Antonio, TX or any nearby location to your home. They can help in the situation when you are on the serious risk of bone damage, tissue loss or tooth loss.

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