Investment industry has seen a lot of growth since the past decade. The types of investments that used to be earlier have increased a lot in numbers and profit making. There are so many kinds of investment and options available.  Investment can be done in equity, debentures, derivatives, preferred stock, mutual funds, real estate and commodities.

Earlier there used to be a broker in a physical place that used to take buy and sell orders and place the orders by himself/ herself. But now with the introduction of latest technology all these features are provided to the customers just by providing a trading platform. A trading platform is an interface that is provided to the customer for placing their trades. A trading platform is basically software that helps to execute the order as and when it is placed. Getting down to the brass tacks of the trading platform their main aim is to provide low latency.  Lower the gap between the price at which the trade is placed and the price at which trade is executed. The Best trading platform is difficult to tell but can be made easy by comparing various trading platforms. There are some top competitors for trading platform which are as follows:

  • Wisdom Capital: It almost charges nothing for intraday trade and no charges for normal trading of stocks. It just charges commission for penny stocks whose price is lower than Rs.100. The commission charged even for penny stock is quiet less and is just Rs.0.005. Wisdom capital also earns from derivatives trading. There is no Account maintenance charges (AMC). Overall its technical efficiency is rated 9/ 10 which is quiet good.
  • Zerodha: Even this firm does not charge anything for normal trading of stocks but do charge for intraday trade. The intraday trade rate is flat Rs.21 irrespective of the amount of the order. Zerodha also earns from derivatives trading. Technical efficiency of Zerodha is rated 8/ 10.
  • Trade Tiger: It charges almost 0.10% on intraday trade. The commission for normal trade is 10 paisa per share. Trade tiger also earns from Futures and options. The technical efficiency of trade tiger is 7/ 10.
  • Upstox: This trading platform charges flat Rs. 20 for intraday trade. And for all other trades too its charges small amounts of commission. It even charges some commission for account opening (Rs.13 plus CDSL). Its technical efficiency is rated 7/10.

So it is up to the customer which trading platform they want to use. Choose wisely before selecting a broker. All the factors should be considered and it is ultimately up to the customers which company they want to select. Trading platform has made the investment look easy and a convenient way to start making decisions. There are other features as well that are provided by a good trading platform and that is the tools. Tools can be used to see the performance of the portfolio by any customer. They can also use charts and graphs to analyze their stock price movement.


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