Is Hot Tub Saunas Safe at the Time of Pregnancy?

Saunas are for the time when you want to relax your body and have a good peaceful time with yourself. In this case, hot tub or sauna pregnancy first trimester can have some issues attached to it.

As you know hot tubs give comfort to your aching muscles and it’s always a good time to spend in the company of yourself. It’s always a good option when you are expecting. Hot tubs are different from warm water filled ones, which cools off after some moments, but in here the heat stays as long as you want it. Here, you must know that saunas can be harmful if the temperature of the hot tub gets increased more than your body temperature. You must know that the tubs have almost 104 degrees and it is attained in 10 to 20 minutes only. If the temperature stays for a long time, the pregnant woman can feel severe issues by the same. Thus, here we have covered the same point for your convenience.

The issues

There can be many issues attached to the soaking in sauna pregnancy second trimester. When the core temperature of the woman gets higher there can be some birth defects. In some studies, it has been suggested that women who experience the hot tub or sauna during pregnancy might be facing the danger of birth effect, issues in the spinal cord, and the brain of the baby. In other studies, it has been shown the result of it can be a miscarriage, but here some more research is needed.

There is another problem attached to the sauna during pregnancy is the woman might feel dehydrated so they can faint. As you know during pregnancy the hormones change rapidly, and it makes the body of a pregnant woman warmer than normal. Mothers, who do not drink much water in this period, might face the dehydration issue and in the hot tub, they might get the feeling of fainting, due to the higher temperature.

The suggestion

Your doctors and your healthcare provider might suggest you not to use sauna during your pregnancy months, and it should completely be avoided in the first trimester. However, if you are feeling the urge to get into a hot tub during the second or third trimester you have to follow some rules-

  • You must not stay longer into the tub, and it should be for 10 minutes.
  • You have to avoid the source of hot water in the tub. It is because the temperature is higher in that place.
  • Get out of the tub and you will definitely feel comfortable.
  • If you are not feeling well, then you must not use the sauna. It’s because if you have a fever the temperature of the hot tub will increase the situation.
  • You must exercise during pregnancy, and get advice on the sauna use from your doctor.

Check these cautions and the points we have put for your help, and now you must understand the effect of hot tub during pregnancy and how it affects your body.

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