Jodhpur-Makes Your Vacation Trip Complete

Want to spend your valuable time in the best destination? If so, then why don’t you choose Jodhpur tourism? Well, Jodhpur is the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan which is popularly known as Blue City. In this fantastic destination, you are gifted to enjoy so many places. Actually, Rajasthan has so many destinations to get huge pleasure but Jodhpur is somewhat different and filled with wonderful spots to visit. The natural beauty and rich culture attract every tourist who has visited every year. When you choose Rajasthan as your holiday trip place then don’t miss to visit Jodhpur ever. Want to know more about outstanding spots of Jodhpur tourism then look at the following article!

About Jodhpur:

The traditions and rich cultural heritage of Jodhpur catch the eyes of every tourist. Since it is the place with imprints of chivalry and so you can enjoy your holiday trip to the core. On the other hand, the sun rises here first and so how exciting it could be watching the sunrise in the land? And also, you can spend enough time with your better half here and enjoy your days to the maximum. If you are the one who wants to enjoy sneak peek, then don’t ignore to visit Jodhpur. There are so many places to visit here like forts, palaces, museums, green gardens, shrines which showcase the beauty of Jodhpur. The bright sunlight and beauty excellence will give you a striking experience. As a whole, the city is covered with endless beautiful places like ancient forts, temples, and even more interesting destinations!

Best places to visit Jodhpur:

  • Flying Fox

It is the activity which is especially suited for those who are ready to perform daring activities. Actually, it is the best way to enhance and experience the beauty of Mehrangarh Fort. Through this way, you can easily admire the beauty of the blue city. The participants take a breathtaking view and sure this activity will increase your heart beats. On the other hand, this activity is strictly avoided for those who are under 10 years. Enjoy flying fox and get exhilarating experience.

  • Mehrangarh Fort

This is one of the must visit place in Jodhpur and is situated at the height of above 100 feet. It will attract you and make you visit again and again. You will get any faint feeling while sightseeing the fort. Actually, the fort was built with red sandstone and so people have high attention to visit the fort. Since the red stone perfectly covers the fort and so the visitors will say wow how beautiful the fort was? That is why it is considered as the noteworthy destination in Jodhpur city.

  • Mandore Garden

This garden is highly famous for its green environment, exquisite architecture plus much more. It is located at a distance of just 9km away from Jodhpur city. The gorgeous cenotaphs spread all over the garden and give you a striking feature. And also, it is the perfect place to take a high number of photos with your spouse and families.

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