Know About Pap Test During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the state when your body has undergone many changes. In that period some of them also come across with Pap smear which can also distress women very much. Special test in conducted for Pap smear which is known as  the Pap test. This test is a kind of screening tool provided by the  health care provider in order to find out the cervical cell abnormalities along with cervical cancer. In this test HCP is taken as a sample from the surface of the cells in your cervix and small brush is used for collection of cell. Then this sample is sent to lab for evaluation and your HCP will shows the test results. The fact can be conferred that cancer is not the only reason for abnormal pap smear during pregnancy.

Cervical cancer is common in India

 This cancer is also one of the leading causes of death in India along with other countries. With the help of this test the death rate has been reduced. Along with that it will also decrease the risk of cervical cancer by finding out the changes in cell early along with treating them. The main cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus (HPV). With the help of this test women having cervical cancer is diagnosed at  an early stage.

What happens if women suffer from Cervical Cancer?

Pap smear occurs due to abnormal cells. If case of pregnancy Pap smear findings can be easily evaluated with colposcopy and biopsy.HCP in your body will give the close look in your cervix with the help of colposcope which will show the cells on your cervix along with vagina. If there is any abnormal area seen and then biopsy will be done where abnormal area will be removed in this process. Pregnancy increases the blood flow to the cervix after three months. If biopsy is done during pregnancy, then there is more risk of high bleeding. Biopsy is safe and it will not create any side effects in pregnancy. It will also do if women are diagnosed with cancer. In some cases the treatment is also given to  the baby after the birth of child. One thing for sure is that the abnormal pap smears during pregnancy is not only safe, but they are part of the routine prantela care. The doctor will check whether you have any STD’s or cerlvic cancer.

What happens when it is cervical cancer?

Most of the findings ,results in cervical cancer. In case of pregnancy the chances of cervical cancer are  very rare. In case if women are  diagnosed with cervical cancer ,then, the treatment will depend upon stage of cancer along with months of pregnancy. The treatment of this cancer is important in pregnancy otherwise it will spread in the whole body. This condition is difficult to manage both physically and mentally at the time of pregnancy. It is better for women that they should consult their doctors in case of  cervical cancer where they will give you proper treatment regarding the same.

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