Know More About Ron Blum- The Illustrious President of the Egg Factory, LLC

Most of us know the Egg Factory, LLC but very few are aware of the President of business domain Ron Blum. A recognized figure in the business circuit, Ron Blum largely remains hidden to the public. The founder of Pogo Tech, who is also the President of the Egg Factory, LCC is a man of potential. The Virginia based businessperson had a prolific career, which is known for his contribution to the development of human wellness. Presently, these two companies the Egg Factory and the Pogo tech offer specialized ophthalmic solutions to people having a vision problem. They supply medical equipment that serves as an aid to visually impaired people and persons suffering from poor vision.

A trustee in the Roanoke College (Southern College of Optometry) where he studied for his doctorate of Optometry degree, Mr. Blum pioneered the field of optometric as a businessperson. His insight into the medical profession and far-sighted vision made him aware of the urgent necessities of the system and that made him cash-in on the phenomenon of ophthalmic equipment. He is the finest example of creative thinking and innovation. He has proven how creative thinking can help in bringing a radical change in the quality of health care.

With this vision of changing health care facilities, Mr. Blum founded the Egg Factory LCC in 1999, which is regarded as the pioneer business enterprise serving the widespread demands of the optics and ophthalmic section in the US. There are major parts of the company – a group of 4 younger companies all pertaining to the health care sector are all licensed Billion Dollar Global Companies. 2013 showed the possibility of reaching the status of a global standard company and ultimately it was done by 2014. Encore Vision LLC and Encore Health are a part of his business franchise and fares amongst the four major companies in his group. Of this Encore Health was acquired by the pharmaceutical giant Novartis in 2017. Other companies in this group include the High-Performance Optics and Innotech. Both of these companies have now been acquired by giants like Essilor, NASDAQ, and Johnson & Johnson.

Egg Factory LLC, which is specialized in developing optics and ophthalmic products, have greatly benefited from the vision and ideas of its mentor. Mr. Blum’s critical thinking and management ability have made it reach this stage. The company now develops high functioning electronic eyeglasses for people with multifocal eye power. Other products like retarders, liquid crystals, and zoom auto-focus system etc. are hugely successful in the diagnosis of ophthalmic problems and hence are routinely used in the diagnostic centers.

Other than this, the highly efficient team of Egg Factory, LLC lead by the vision of Ron Blum is generating path-breaking features bio-medical imaging, commercial camera development, wave filtering technology. Together with all these facilities, the company aims to eliminate cataract, blindness and other kinds of ophthalmic problems from the public imagination, and Mr. Blum is the one who is at the helm of it.

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