Learning Polynomials Easily

Studying for board exams is a very stressful period, as there is a whole year of syllabus to be covered and learned properly. Many students find Mathematics hard to comprehend and learn. The many chapters in the Class 10 syllabus are crucial for building a base for understanding Maths in higher classes. There are many important chapters that are of great importance, and also have a good weight-age in the board examinations. One such chapter is Polynomials.

What is a Polynomial?

Well, to put it mathematically, a Polynomial is any expression that consists of variables and their coefficients, involving operations such as addition, subtraction multiplication and non-negative integral exponents of the variables. Polynomials are of huge importance in mathematics because these equations from the basic step of various calculations. Forming graphs of polynomials are an important practice as there are many shapes that are defined by polynomials, that is taught in higher classes. Polynomials are important in various calculations in other fields, for making the mathematics of prediction simple, polynomials are an important topic to cover in the basics.

How to Learn and Understand?

For a good understanding of the chapter, the right book must be used for studying. There are various books that provide excellent content about polynomials and use examples to make it easy to be understood. In most books, it is class 10 maths chapter 1, as it is the basic chapter for application in most of mathematics.

There are many books that are very helpful for practice, due to their exercises that contain all the type of questions from each topic of polynomials. Some of those books are by authors R S Aggarwal and R D Sharma, two of the most popular books for practice of Mathematics in class 10. These provide a comprehensive examples and a lot of questions to exercise with increasing levels of difficulty.

The basic of learning and properly understanding anything, especially in Mathematics is to know the topic and practice it to perfection.

Other steps that can be taken to increase understanding is to raise questions on various topics that one has not understood, and clarify their doubts through a teacher. Teachers are the best resource to properly understand anything in their subject as they will provide an easier explanation than books and will understand the problems faced by the individual more accurately, being a teacher.


Polynomials class 10 is an important chapter that not only takes a good weight-age in the examination but also forms the basis of various other topics in the field of mathematics. Understanding polynomials are crucial and must be done properly for understanding this chapter opens gates for many other chapters to turn out to be easy. Learning and understanding it is very important and can be done easily with a little dedication required from the student’s side. Choosing the right books for learning is very important as they are needed to understand the topic and exercise questions based on them. Other than this, clarifying doubts by the help of teachers is a good way to learn a topic and connect with a teacher.

In the end, hard work and dedication are the key.

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