Lifestyle changes to make in dealing with high blood pressure

The moment you are diagnosed with blood pressure during your routine visits to the doctor, you are not aware on the difference the numbers can make. High blood pressure can have an impact on your day to day activities. But the real fact is having high blood pressure is a silent killer. With increasing number of blood pressure it calls for an alarming situation and mukta vati for hypertension can solve the problem. Hold on! There are some ways to have a curb on blood pressure that are as follows

Opt for power naps

Regular exercise is as effective as lowering blood pressure that is similar to the BP drugs. This is as per the figures obtained from around 400 studies. Exercise would help the heart to use oxygen in a diligent manner, so that it may not have to work hard so as to pump blood.

If you have low blood pressure pump in 30 minutes of cardio on a daily basis. Over the due course of time you can challenge yourself more by adding on weights and increasing your levels of activity.

Deep breaths

The human body reacts to tension by releasing hormones. The release of these hormones could pep up your heart rates and leads to constriction of blood vessels forcing it to spike. Do go on to learn the art of deep breathing and resort to meditative practices keeping your blood pressure levels in check. You can start with 5 minutes in the morning and then 5 minutes at night. By the method of breathing exercise it would help you to sleep faster.

Opt for a diet rich in potassium foods

As part of your blood pressure controlling mechanism increasing the intake of potassium rich foods is the key. The consumption of potassium forces the kidney to secrete more sodium by frequent urination. The levels of sodium can help you cut down the levels of low blood pressure.

Bananas happen to be a rich source of potassium but there are other sources of potassium rich foods. Potatoes are a rich source of potassium and you might be really surprised to note down that there are other health benefits of potassium. Consumption of mukta vati medicine online might provide considerable relief. Even sweet potatoes are raisin is good sources of potassium.

Reduce the intake of sodium

There are certain categories of people and especially for those you have blood pressure running in the family the chances of high blood pressure increases at a considerable level. This appears to be a case sensitive situation. But there is no clear way to suggest whether an individual is at a higher risk or not.

Now the question is how to proceed? Ideally you should restrict the intake of sodium to a desired level for the first few days. It is going to be better if you opt for less salt at this juncture. Do not add salt to your cooking food and it is better to consume food

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