Loan Against Property for Doctors – Enlighten Your Finances

Doctors are highly accomplished individuals and although most of them have a flourishing practice, they too might need to secure a loan against a property at times. Bajaj Finserv enables them to get a loan against property for doctors at affordable rates. There is even a doorstep service available for them to make the experience hassle free amidst their busy schedule. Doctors may avail a loan amount against their property with loan value as high as Rs 2 crores. With their flexi- loan option, doctors find a smart way of managing the cash flow as it is an industry- first financing solution, where the doctors may pay interest rates only for the amount they have utilized. If one wants, there is the option of paying only the interest through the EMIs and the principal amount can be paid at the end of the tenure.

There are a variety of options for loan against property for doctors. They can get a loan against their residential property, as in against their apartment or house. They might also get a loan against commercial property, as in mortgaging their clinic. In the same manner, they might avail a loan for buying a residential or commercial property as well. Doctors can also avail a flexi term loan and they would be able to use the loan amount only when they require and only the amount they feel would be suited for their needs. Existing customers of Bajaj Finserv might also be offered exclusive pre- approved offers. There is top- up loans to be availed and rates might also be reduced from time to time depending upon the market rates.

The doctor is also provided a dossier where the doctor is provided with all the information regarding the buying of a property and a customized report is made for him to guide him through all the legal and technical aspects of buying a property. It also has general property knowledge, tips on maintenance of property, knowing about property index of the city. Our experts have property search services through which the doctor can find the best premises for himself, based on location preferences and amenities. Bajaj Finserv also has very quick disbursal processes and minimum documentation is required to get the loan approved.east london personal trainer

Bajaj Finserv also makes arrangements for the doctors to avail insurance for the loan which mostly has one time premium. It can also be funded as part of the principal amount, and there is the added provision of 0% finance on high ticket premium funded by Bajaj Finserv.

As a doctor almost always has a busy schedule, to make tracking of his loan simpler and faster, digital portal has been put in place where he can get all the details regarding his status on the mortgage, his next payments, his balance and outstanding amounts and every other information that is required in the process. With time, the loan is completely paid off and the doctor can release the property against which the loan was taken.

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