Machine Learning Integrates with the Coolest Technologies of the Era

Many IT executives in India are exploring a new avenue in the job market. That’s machine learning expertise. In 2018, 67% of the IT executives and graduates currently have some knowledge of how machine learning works. 50% of these either have a confirmed plan to take up a machine learning training course in the next six to eight months.

  • In Machine Learning institutes in Bangalore, nearly 50% of the candidates are either IT professionals with an experience of 2 years or more.
  • 30% of them plan to further expand their certification by adding skills in natural language processing (NLP), voice search and IoT programs.

If you are looking to enroll with a machine learning institute in Bangalore, here are some basic pointers you should have on your fingertips.

90% of Machine learning Deployment occurs at Cloud conglomerates

Machine learning is now a ubiquitous technology deployed with AI platforms. A large percentage of these deployments occur with major Cloud conglomerates that have invested millions of dollars in machine learning projects. These projects work to automate the creation of content, user experiences and audience segmentation.

Cloud conglomerates leverage machine learning applications to build audience targeting programs and deliver on personalized offers with media spend optimization.

If you love creative campaigns for branding and advertising, machine learning applications could make it more fun to work with.

Business Forecasting and Risk Management

The objective of machine learning models is to provide an enriching relevant experience that gives a better understanding of end-end real-world analytics. Forecasting is done using a plain historical data that could date back to millions of years. For businesses, this historical data could be assessed from the start of the industry.

 For example, social media companies can study the historical data from the start of Search Engine machines, or the internet era.

Predictive Intelligence

Based on historical data, machine learning experts can build very smart predictive algorithms to drives their analytical engines.

Predictive intelligence and analytics uses data mining, machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques to extract Big Data information to predict various data outcomes.

Data Discovery and Content Optimization

Text, video and images – these are basic classification of Content.

Online content is a potential Big Data source that provides direct inference on intent data, behavioral science and sentiment analytics. Machine learning algorithms for content discovery and optimization allow for prevention of data fraud, ad misreporting and fake news.

Top data visualization companies and Machine Learning-analytical companies that employ thousands of machine learning experts include predictive intelligence as a service. With certification, you can work with companies like Tableau, TIBCO, FICO, GraphLab, Oracle Data Mining, SAS Predictive, Microsoft, HP, IBM, and DataRobot.


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