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Upholstery contributes to the comfort that we enjoy while sitting in the car or on the furniture. To have this consistency in the enjoyment, you need Upholstery experts to repair, maintain, or add extra padding at times. Whether you need to get your old furniture refurbished or you want to get them to replace by a new one. This business is very familiar in every part of the United States.

We’ve listed down some of the best Upholstery Experts in Eugene, OR. Check them out!

  1. Adair to Compare Upholstery

1525 Brentwood Ave

Eugene, OR 97404

Adair to Compare Upholstery is an Oregon based privately held company. WIth current yearly revenue of $500,000 and experienced staff of 4. They are the ones you can rely upon. From car seats to home furniture, they can repair and shuffle your old ones with a new one quickly. Go and check them out!

  1. Frankie’s Top shop

4065 W 11th Ave Ste 8

Eugene, OR 97402

Frankie’s Top Shop was founded in 2001 and is based in Eugene, Oregon. This company is run by only one person as per internet records. Upholstery business has a lot of pros and cons, and this guy knows how to get things done on time and do it well. From Cars, Trucks, to home sofa furniture and all the other stuff. It generates $50,000. Go check them out!

  1. Millies Upholstery

3640 Concord St

Eugene, OR 97402

Millies Upholstery is open from 9 to 5 throughout the weekdays. Closed on weekends. So you have limited time, and if you’re living in Eugene, OR, you’re in luck, Go check them out for exclusive Upholstery deals.

  1. Vince’s Upholstery

4651 Leona Ct

Eugene, OR 97402

Vince’s Upholstery is a single location business. It is only and only based in Eugene, OR. Upholstery is an art and if you love the comfort of sitting on a good stuffed leather or a bio-washed cloth. You’re going to love their service because they provide some of the most comfortable upholstery services for your home furniture, Car seats, etc. Go check them out on the address mentioned above. Cheers.

  1. Steve’s Upholstery

675 Wilson St

Eugene, OR 97402

Well, you know what they say. You save the best ones for last. Here they are, Steve Upholstery deals with heavy automotive, Cushions re-stuffed, restaurants and commercial furniture, Motorcycle, Boat seats, restaurant upholstery, bar stools, R.V furniture, etc. With every kind of upholstery service for the vehicles mentioned above, comfort is their promise, and they are known for their convenient same-day delivery service and affordable prices. Go check them out.





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