Most Valuable Car Oil Changing Tips from Automobile Experts

Changing the engine oil of your car can be a simple task for many, but for those who are still new into this job need to keep in mind some key things to avoid any further complications. The team of mechanical experts who are involved in oil change service in Victorville, suggest us some very valuable tips while changing the engine oil.

  1. Cooling Down the Jets

Though hot oil is supposed to flow freely, at the same time it can induce some serious burns if it is not cooled down before the next oil changing session. Because of this risk, it is always recommendable tofire it up first and then run it for 2 to 3 minutes, if the engine is already cold. But if the vehicle is driven for a long time, before the oil changing, then it is better to make it sit idle for 20 to 30 minutes before starting to drain out the oil.

  1. Filter Seal

After filling up the filter with the engine oil, you need to make sure to wipe off the brim of the seal to keep it clean and moist. One of the most important oil changing tips is to avoid a very common mistake of leaving the oil filter seal dry. This mistake can lead to loose fitting of the seal that will further result into leaky filters. Filling the filter about halfway the engine oil at the first instance and then spreading it a little around the filter seal would keep the seal opening in right condition which is required before you start installing it.

  1. Grip

Removing oil filters can be a real headache at times. Things can get even worse if the hands of the oil changer are sticky or slippery with oil. Hence you need to use a proper tool for this job.You can usethe following tools to remove the oil filters with ease:  clamp style, end cap style, chain wrench, claw-wrench, and 3-jaw adjustable end cap wrench.

  1. Don’t Spill

Oilstains are the worst possible effects of oil changing of a car. To avoid such mess, you need to keep handy some oil-dry tools and accessories. Try using an old shower curtain or lay a big tarp beneath the car that can soak up the oil and can be either washed, disposed, or reused.

  1. Draining

You should always keep a good drain pan ready before any oil changing session to make the job easier. Choose from the varieties like the ones which Open left to right, those that half-open to drain the oil out, and pans that are fully closed along with the drain.

Among these the best type that are suggested by the Victorville oil change service technical experts are those that come with a funnel-like-top. These kinds of oil drain pan will keep the oil fully covered, so there will be almost no chance of spilling out the oil.

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