Let’s be honest sometimes it’s hard to start an assignment and it’s more hard to start boring assignment so you try to avoid it. But thankfully there are some strategies and motivation can do the work for you. If you are student or an office worker, assignment is the major part of your work and education so there are several things you can do makes your mind and mood to concentrate on assignment. Here are the few tricks you can find useful. 


Positive thinking plays a powerful role in our live. According to resent studies positive thinking helps to progress us towards our goal more smoothly then stressful mind. When you get your assignment you feel the pressure of responsibility and limited time of an assignment makes your more stressful. You start thinking negative “I can’t do this”, “how can I start, I have no idea” when you find yourself thinking this way. Stop right there. You are making the situation more worse and if you gets boring assignment after these thoughts you start to avoid even doing research on the assignment so here are some magical words “I can do this” which will help you to think positive. Your positive attitude will helps you to relax your mind then you can start thinking where to start.


The way we see things might be different from the importance of it in our life, Assignment seems small part of education but these assignments are going to helps to get the degree, you should change your perspective and see the bigger picture. You have to do this exercise to remind your mind and yourself why you are doing this assignment and what you will get in the end. Open a word document, and ask yourself only one question: Why should I do my assignment right now? List every single possible reason you can muster. Don’t even consider reasons why you shouldn’t. Some examples: pass the class, be better than my slacker classmates, want to graduate, need 4.0  GB, I might learn something, to prove to the professor I’m super awesome, to appear smart, because I can, I’m paying to be here, want to make a good impression for future recommendations, so I can stop worrying/thinking about it, etc. Make the list exhaustive. Now read over it a few times. This should create some positive energy toward your homework assignments.


Daily routine’s refreshments can remove your concentration from your priorities, your favorite show’s next episode is about to air and you’ve to watch it, you can’t miss it? Right? No wrong. You can watch it online or download it, problem solve. Now what? Social media? You have to check Facebook, my space, emails and your favorite blogs. It’s pretty easy to spend hours online and not even realize it. But you can control your time by setting a timer on your cell phone from reasonable amount of time, like 30min. As soon as it goes off, gets off that addicting website and start doing your assignment. Now after working on assignment for 1hr you can’t keep your concentrate sharp. Best solution is caffeine. Caffeine boost will give you an extra bit of energy, will sharpen your mind and will improve your mood.


Looking assignment as one large task can make it seem more intimidating. The same thing occurs when you look at the time it will take as one solid block, Instead try to break your work up in to manageable blocks that seem easier to tackle, consider these blocks as stages you have to achieve and you will get reward after completion of every stage. Example: watching Netflix, scrolling Facebook feedbacks, listen music. You can select your own reward what you really want to do in 30min after completing stages of your assignment.

Hopefully these strategies will help you to keep your mind focus and motivate you to do your assignment.

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