Nail Care Tips: How to Stand Out in Crowd

Remove your eyes from your computer monitor or smart phone and take a quick glance on your nails. Done? Are you impressed with the way they look? If not, this article is just right for you.

Many people tend to ignore and pay less attention to the looks and health of their nails. This is quite unfortunate because everyone should give importance to each and every part of their body, of course, including nails. If you have untidy and unhealthy nails, you may have been sending wrong signals to your friends and to people you are about to meet even if you are wearing beautiful Argyle Pink Diamonds. Untidy nails can be taken as a sign of irresponsibility and poor personal hygiene. Additionally, untidy nails can cause health issues, especially if you are a nail-biter.

Now, if you really want to have a healthier and nicer set of finger and toe nails, you need to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts. Listed below are some of the more important and easier tips on how to properly take care of your finger and toe nails.

Nail care dos

If you want to have presentable and healthy nails, commit to do these following tips:

As much as possible, DO moisturize your cuticles on a daily basis. By doing this, you will be able to prevent hangnails, peeling, as well cracking, which would make your nails more presentable and healthier. It is also advised to massage your cuticle area to promote proper blood circulation. Massaging the cuticle area has also been proven to aid nail growth.

DO avoid metal files because it may ruin the natural shape of your nails. Instead, use gentler cushion files that you can use to shape your nails. Also, avoid using coarse-grit files because you may hurt your fingers and toes because these files were designed for artificial nails and may be too harsh on natural nails.

DO visit nail salon for best nail care. Let nail experts do your nail care because they know how to handle even the most complicated finger and toe nail problems. They can also give you expert tips on how to properly take care of your nails, making them healthier and more presentable.

Nail care don’ts

Doing the opposite of the things listed below will surely ruin the beauty of your nails. In order to have healthier nails, take note of these nail care don’ts:

DON’T cut your finger and toe nails’ cuticles because you may end up hurting yourself. Leave it to nail care practitioners since they know how to safely get rid of stubborn cuticles. However, if you really need to remove cuticles by yourself, just make sure that you properly apply cuticle remover and use soft-tipped cuticle pusher.

DON’T bite your nails. Many people are guilty of biting their nails; some do this because they are nervous, while some do this because they are bored. Regardless of your excuse, do not bite your nails because aside from it will ruin the shape of your nails, you are also exposing yourself to bacteria that can cause you an illness.

DON’T expose your nails to harmful chemicals. If you really have to handle harmful chemicals, do not forget to wear gloves or something that would protect your hands, keeping your fingers away from the effects of the chemicals. Also, make sure to remove your ring or your Argyle Pink Diamonds, as it may get in the way.

You don’t have to be a neat-freak to do the tips mentioned above since some of them are very basic. In order to protect your nails and to keep them neat and presentable, just follow the tips above and listen to experts’ advice.


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