Need Advice on Long Horse Rides? Here are 10 Tips to Consider

Trail riding is a prominent equestrian activity! Riders love to ride a long trail on a trained horse. Nothing seems more energizing than that. Also, it’s on you to make sure that your ride is a pleasant experience. For this, you need to take specific measures. Wondering how to prepare for your long horse rides? Here are 10 useful tips for long horse riders that they should keep handy.

  1. Take 2 dozens of horse riding lessons

Before taking the first horse ride consider at least taking a dozen lessons! That will guide you through the basic riding lessons. However, for long horse rides, amp up the count and make it 2 dozens. You would need that much of time to get trained adequately. Also ensure you opt in for a private lesson, as that would do complete value for money.

  1. Get and remain fit

It is a crucial long horse riding tip! You might want to think that it’s the horse that gets all the work done. However, for long trail rides, you would need a stable core, strong legs, and an apt balance.

  1. Select your ride

Check if you and your horse are geared up for the ride. For long rides, you ought to select a horse that’s not too young and also has the desired experience. Keep in mind the horse’s exercise levels. It will help you to choose your horse better.

  1. Train your horse accordingly

Is your horse a veteran trail mount? If not, then ensure that you are able to control the horse in the arena. Only then can you opt-in to take the horse out into the wilderness. For long trails start training the horse at least two months before the ride.

  1. Check with the trailer

Before loading the horse to the trailer, conduct a security check. Examine the brake light. Also turn signals to ensure that it’s working. You may also want to check the tire pressure so that it’s all good. It might seem you are preparing for Belmont TVG races, but it’s essential to take care of these points.

  1. Ride as per your skill

Horse riding sessions have their own set of skills specified. However, get real and select based on your fitness and skill level. If you’re trained in only a couple of lessons, choosing an intermediate ride isn’t a smart call.

  1. Decide on your pace

Make sure that you don’t go very fast on your long horse ride. Take a pause whenever you feel the need to take some rest.

  1. Make sure to pack for yourself

Ensure that you have a saddlebag with you for long horse rides. Carry your camera, lip balm, tissues, sunscreen, food, water and even the trail map with you in the saddlebag.

  1. Be informed about the way

Make sure you are aware of your route. Other than the trail map carry a GPS system as well. It will enable you to navigate through better and help you complete the long tour ride in a hassle-free way.

  1. Select the best partner

When opting in for a long horse ride, select the best partner. This way you get to enjoy a person’s company. Furthermore, it’s always better to have a partner for long horse tours.

Horse riders don’t learn the skills at one go. It needs practice and patience. Furthermore, you will also have to attend the weekly classes as well. A ride in the wilderness can have its challenges. You ought to be well prepared. Incorporate these tips, and you will thoroughly enjoy your long horse rides.

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