What You Need To Know About IVF Cycles

The decision of going for an IVF treatment would have come after a lot of discussion with a lot of people. Ideally, if you are a couple affected by infertility that this is one of the best decision you have taken towards your parenthood. When you keep trying for long time and feel that it is not working for you, it is best recommended that you visit a fertility center and get the required tests done. One of my friend who stays in Gurgaon visited the best fertility clinic in Gurgaon. His first test was a semen analysis test. The test showed low sperm count and complications with sperm mobility. Tests were done for his wife too. Yes, it is very important to understand the fertility health of both the partners. The doctor counseled both of them on the chances of a normal pregnancy and advised them to go for an IVF treatment.

Some of the reasons why the IVF treatment was suggested were:

 1) Low sperm count – it is very important to supplement the fertile days of a woman with sufficient sperms for conception to happen. When this does not happen, then there are signs of infertility involved.

2) Sperm mobility – even though there are enough sperms but if the sperm is unable to pass through the vaginal to the uterus, it cannot meet the fertile egg. These are some of the male infertility complications. Some of them can be correct by medicines but most of the time an assisted reproductive treatment is suggested due to the complexity involved in the treatment of male infertility. Also, most of the couple who come to infertility clinic are the ones who have already tried for years and have no patience to wait.

Most of the best IVF clinic in Bangalore have an average cycle rate of 1.5 which means that most of the couples get the good news with the 1st IVF cycle. The truth is the chances of conceiving increases with the IVF cycle. Hence it is very important to know that if you have a failed IVF cycle, there are high chances that your 2nd cycle could be a successful one. So do not lose hope down the treatment. Trust your doctor and have faith in God as few things cant be explained by science.


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