What are the Opportunities after Pursuing Study in Germany

When you look for a country to study as part of your dream or aspiration of overseas education, you look for many factors like quality of education, the cost of living, the research facilities and the value of education from that particular country. In this list of attributes, there is one strong factor that should also be looked at the time of choosing college and country which is work opportunities. When you are looking for education, you must also consider what that country has to offer after study. In this case, Germany is excellent as a place to study, work and gain some working experience.

Education in Germany

Education in Germany is excellent for being part of Europe where the level of education is very high even in small countries. Germany has a more theoretical composition of study with a lot of focus on lectures. But the research facilities at Germany are very good as it is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Internships are also compulsory for students to get a degree from the university. A degree from Germany is accepted and regarded with respect all over the world.

There are many fields of study for a person to go for in Germany, but the topmost education streams of Germany are – medical and engineering

  • Medical: The medical education of Germany is very advanced and counted among the best. Germany has many universities that provide excellent medical education and are highly desired by aspirants of medical education.
  • Engineering: German engineering needs no telling or proof. Since the days of world war, Germany has always been advanced in technology and so is its education. Because of large manufacturing industry, there are plenty of good universities in Germany giving quality engineering education.

Work opportunities in Germany

While studying in Germany, you can also work there. Mostly all international universities allow up to 20 hours of work per week while studying during a term and full-time work during vacation. Apart from that, Germany also allows a student to work for 120 full or 240 half days in a year during the stay here.

The most popular and easily accessible kinds of jobs that you can find in Germany are:

  • Teaching graduates or research assistants in a university: You can work in the university as a research assistant or teaching graduate with senior professors in Germany which also pays well. Other than that, you can also work as a librarian or supervisor in the college.
  • As support staff in stores and restaurants: This kind of job is easy for you to find and is also popular among students. The pay is not so much but it gives a fresher experience after study and also a greater chance to explore the city.
  • English Tutor: As an English speaker, you can get a job of teaching English to Germans. This job is also well paying but you need to be proficient in English.
  • Technical Assistant: This job can also be easily attained by students because of an abundance of industries in Germany and is most well suited for engineering students. Apart from paying decent, it gives an experience of the job relevant to your studies.

Thus we can say that Germany offers a lot of work opportunities to international students during and after the education. If you are planning to Study in Germany, you can contact ISA Migrations for any kind of information and support.

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