Opt for Best Cell Phone Radiation Products and Protect Yourself

Are you hooked up to your phone? Has your phone started feeling like a part of your body? Do you panic whenever your phone is not in your sight?

Well, you along with a billion other people are in a truckload of trouble!

You probably are already aware that cell phones, ipads, tablets and even Bluetooth devices emit  harmful radiation .  They emit radiations every second they are on.

You can try ignoring this modern day catastrophe but the reality is that they emit EMF radiation and RF radiation.

The intensity of the harm caused to your body from these products is cumulative and causes chronic illness!


How is radiation harmful to your body?

EMF radiation released by your mobile phones, iPads, microwave ovens, laptops cause alarming health conditions starting from minor headaches and insomnia to major health conditions like infertility, developmental problems in your children, Gene and protein expression, DNA , Stress response, Compromised Immune function, Melatonin production issues, Alzheimer’s Disease and Childhood obesity in your children.


 It’s time to change your habits and It’s time to take action NOW!

Do you think you are incapable of reducing cell phone timings? It’s quite natural that you have official work or personal entertainment stored in it.


How to protect your family from the radiation emitted by your iPad and Tablets?

Thankfully there are some products in the market that shield your body from the radiation. I have listed down the best products available and why they are the best ones. Whichever you choose make sure it’s scientifically tested and effectively reduces the risk of radiation.

Let’s begin

#Look for the SAR test

The science behind these radiations:

  1. The SAR Test

SAR is a test to measure the rate of radio frequency energy absorption of your body.

Every time a new phone is launched. It has to undergo the SAR test. SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram is considered safe.


It is a common myth that owning a low SAR level phone is safe. Unfortunately this is not true. You will still be constantly exposed to radiation. Its just that compared to other phones, mobiles with low SAR is safer.

# After the SAR test, look for the following tests:

What to look for in the product?

 Before you click on the BUY NOW button make sure you go through the following:

  1. Durability and performance rating: what is the guarantee given by the manufacturers.
  2. Customer reviews
  3. Quantity check
  4. Effectiveness ( how much radiation can it block)
  5. Price range

I have jotted down a few products which I truly believe are effective and satisfy the criteria.

#Number 1

Defender Shield Cell Phone Case

Quality and Structure: This EMF protection case is of great quality. The outer part is strong and the inner part is soft and protective. The phone case has a flip cover. This feature is essential because every time you answer your phone there will be a good shield between your phone and your ear.

EMF test: In my personal testing, the Defender shield cell phone case blocked almost 100 Percent of EMF and RF radiations. They are safe even if the radiation emitted are extremely high levels while traveling or low network zones..


Radiation is blocked from all sides of the phone. That makes it safe to answer calls or casually carry it in your pocket.

Price: the price is low compared to the high quality material

#Number 2

Vortex Bioshield’s Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Case

Quality and Structure:

Great quality product. Very similar in structure of the top brand cell phone protection Case. The main difference is the cushion mechanism. They use high impact resistant material to protect your phone from falls.


The EMF protection materials are naturally inbuilt. They won’t allow any leak so the EMF radiation is cut off from the source itself. They also provide a flip case. The main difference is that they only protect 92-93% of the EMF radiation. You have to make sure you close the flip before answering any calls or the EMF protection reduces.

Price: the price is low and reasonable

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