What courses does the NIFT offer to Bachelors?

Preparing for the fashion trend examination is quite easy, is it so? Do you all really think that? This is not at all true as cracking the NID/NIFT examination is quite tough.

For the NID Studio examination preparation, one needs to enough efforts for cracking it. Though many people prefer the self-study mode to crack the examination, there are many people as well, who take the help of coaching institutes. Continue Reading

K 12 E-Learning Companies– The Future Of Indian Education

K 12 education segment in India is growing on a regular basis. However, it has been seen, that K 12 education offers a better solution to your child’s needs. This is because traditional classrooms off late are not being able to offer individually focused and flexible learning to each student. Much individualized nature of the education pattern which is followed by K 12 education has made the business model much popular amongst the Indian parents. Continue Reading

How to Buy the Best Kids Furniture and Make Them Happy

If you are looking for ideas to make your kids’ bedroom look elegant and beautiful, and at the same time get the most storage space for all their stuff, then you must get the right furniture and place them strategically in their room. There are lots of options and designs in kids bunk beds for sale that you can choose from. Then there is space – saving wardrobes, study units with separate space for keeping your kids’ computer and printer and other electronic gadgets. Continue Reading