Travel Information – Moving Around Amsterdam

Many consider Amsterdam as the Greatest Small City in the World. It’s understandable since the city attracts millions of visitors every year. Amsterdam is famous for a few reasons. The Red Light District, coffee shops, and the relaxing atmosphere throughout the city. The city has also been home to the cinematic universe with films such as Oceans Twelve starring George Clooney, Harold, and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay and Anne Frank: The Whole Story. Continue Reading

Men’s Wedding Bands – How You Can End Up Damaging Them Even Without Trying

It is very important that you know how to take the best care of your ring and avoid common mistakes that can damage it. Some top mistakes that you might be making:

It is very important that you know how to take the best care of your ring and avoid common mistakes that can damage it. Some top mistakes that you might be making:

  • Not Cleaning It Periodically

When at home, clean your wedding band regularly by rinsing it in warm water and scrubbing off the grime with the help of a soft toothbrush and liquid detergent. You can even give it a nice soak in alcohol; gin or vodka should do the trick if you can spare it for such a mundane purpose. Once in six months or even a year make it a point to visit a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned. For a nominal charge or even for free, they will steam clean it and you will love the fresh new looks.

  • Wearing It When Applying Creams and Lotions

If you are in the habit of applying hand lotions or creams then you should remember to take the ring off before applying it because the stuff has a habit of leaving residues that can harden and be difficult to remove after some time. Further, the chemicals in them may react with the metal of the ring and cause it to discolor; you should be really careful if the metal is platinum or white gold or if the stone is colored.

  • Wearing It When Cleaning the Bathroom or Kitchen

The risk of wearing rings when cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen should be apparent but most people don’t seem to appreciate how easy it is for rings to slip off the finger and disappear down the drain or sink. You also run the risk of exposing your ring to the very harsh chemicals that are present in toilet and kitchen cleaners that can react adversely with the metal of your engagement ring and cause it to tarnish permanently. Be especially careful of cleaners that contain chlorine. Visit to learn more tips on taking care of your rings.

  • You Think It to Be Indestructible

Even if you have bought a ring that is made out of a very tough metal like titanium or tungsten, it can still get damaged. While the metal itself may be scratch-resistant, you can be very sure that the harder it is the more likely that it will shatter instead of forming a dent if you happen to strike it against a very hard surface. Even if nothing so drastic happens, you can easily end up chipping the metal or making the stones loose in their setting. If you need to be working aggressively with your hands like operating a machine, chopping wood, breaking stone or even playing a rough contact sport, it is better to take off your ring.


If you treat your ring with care, it will last you a lifetime and with proper maintenance, it will remain looking as new. Be careful what you do when wearing it to avoid tarnishing or damaging it. Even seemingly-innocent household or outdoor activities can reduce the life and appearance of your band.

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