What Is the Canada Immigration Process from India?

The immigration process to Canada is mainly handled by the IRCC or Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship of Canada, which is a governmental body that sets and amends the regulations, rules and policies impacting the immigration systems for Canada, whether it be national or the state like the Provincial Nominee Programs. Canada is the nation where there is regular shortage of skilled workers and IRCC tends to introduce multiple pathways to allow foreign nationals to enter or migrate to Canada and join the workforce and work and live with Permanent Residence Visa. So, if you live in India and want to migrate to Canada, then it is important for you to know the Canada Immigration Process from India.

The Pathways for Migrating to Canada from India

There are many popular pathways for applying for PR visa and migrate to Canada from India. Some of the pathways for Indian Immigration to Canada are:

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Provincial Nominee Programs

Express Entry Programs

Family Sponsorship

Details for Canada Immigration Process from India

Education Credential Assessment – This is the first step and you need to submit the document of ECA to support your PR profile on Express Entry. It will show your educational qualifications that it is equal to the Canadian educational system and hence you can get selected for immigration.

IELTS Language Ability Report – This is the language proficiency certificate which is one of the crucial documents to support your application. This will give you the points which you need to score to be eligible for the PR Visa. The Language ability not only shows that you are able to read, speak and write English in social settings.

Submit Express Entry Application – After you have all the required documents you need to submit the application online. You need to know that Express Entry Program offers several pathways for Indian Immigration to Canada and this includes:

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Canadian Experienced Class

Federal Skilled Worker Program

After creating the profile and choosing the pathway through which you want to apply for Canada PR, you are required to submit the online application and provide all the details that are asked like age, education, work experience and married or single.

Get CRS Score – Comporehsnive Ranking System is the score that would decide if you qualify for Indian Immigration to Canada or not. After creating the profile, you will receive the CRS Score based on your ranking of various factors that you have submitted like language ability, age, education, work experience and more.

Applying for PNP – The Provincial Nominee Program is the great way to secure your Indian Immigration to Canada via Express Entry Draw. There are 10 Provinces and each province has different criteria for immigration and hence you need to check the requirements before applying for PNP program.

Wait for Express Entry Draw – After fulfilling all the immigration requirements and receiving the CRS score and nomination for PNP program, you are required to wait for the Express Entry Draw. It usually takes 15 days.

Invitation to Apply for Nomination Certificate – Once you receive the ITA and get PNP Nomination, you can apply for Canada PR visa and move to Canada with PR visa in hand.

solo traveller on a train

Tips for solo traveller on a train

Travelling in India is a fun thing to do especially, if you are travelling alone. Like in any other country, you will have to be extra cautious of your luggage, belongings and yourself when you are travelling in India. As the biggest transportation system in India is the railways, most of the solo travels do travel on a train at least once in their life. A train journey is long, relaxing and interesting. You meet new people, probably make some friends too. It will be the most memorable part of your travelling. But, there are some things that you must be careful while you are traveling on a train, alone.

Here are some handy tips for the solo traveller on train –

Tickets –

Book your tickets prior to the day of the journey. These days you can book the tickets online too. Online train ticket booking will eliminate all the trouble of standing in long queues and not getting tickets at the last moment. So, book your tickets early and keep the tickets in a safe place. You must guard the ticket safely until the end of your journey because ticket checking is a norm on trains.

Climbing and getting off –

A train is a marvellous vehicle, but it can be dangerous too. You must be very careful while climbing in and getting out of the train. Do not try to get in or get out while the train begins to move. Climb in only when the train is not moving.

Seats –

Sit on the seat that is reserved for you. Do not sit elsewhere causing problem to other passengers. Take your seat and be seated. Get up once in a while if you feel stiff or have to use the washroom.

Toilets –

The toilets on the train must be used only if it is very much necessary. Try avoiding the use of toilets as they may cause infections. Also, do not forget to flush after you use the toilets. It is the responsibility of the citizens to keep the public properties clean.

Luggage –

You are responsible for your personal belongings when you are on a train. So, do not throw your things here and there and miss them. Keep your things safety inside your bag. As you are a solo traveller, you can use a lock on your bag if you area travelling for more than a day. Carry your money, expensive and tickets in a purse wherever you go and don’t leave it on your seta or in the bag.

Food and drinks –

It is advisable to carry your food and water on your own because you do not know what quality of food is sold on the trains. If the train provides food, well and good, but if not, make sure you carry at least a pack of cookies to munch on when hungry and a bottle of water.

Strangers –

You may talk to fellow passengers but don’t get too chummy. Do not give out personal details. Also, don’t eat or drink whatever they give.

Stay safe and alert and enjoy your train journey.

Wanna Know How Personal Loan for Cibil Defaulters Can Also Avail a Loan

Rahul, a 28-year-old,  Senior Graphic Designer by profession was very happy as finally, he was going on his most awaited trip to Europe. He had the savings of ₹1.5 Lakh but that was not enough to travel the mesmerizing locations of Europe. Thus, he approached one of the leading lenders to avail the loan of ₹2 Lakh in order to sponsor his trip. After 12 days, he followed up with the bank and what came as a shock to him is the fact that his personal loan application has been rejected! It was obvious that he was in total shock and on inquiring the reason for the rejection, he came to know that he had a low credit score and was listed as a personal loan cibil defaulters.

Well, this is not only the case with Rahul as there are many people like him who face the loan rejection at the time of apply personal loan online. Moreover, if we are talking about a loan rejection, it is important that we should talk more about this topic. Loan rejection is quite common and one of the prime reasons for the same is the cibil default. That’s Right! If you are someone who has already defaulted on a loan or on a credit card payment, there are high chances that your name is on a defaulters list. Not paying your credit card bills on time, missing out an EMI of a current loan are some of the factors that can drag you towards a defaulter well.

But what to do if someone is already stuck on a defaulter trap? What are the best ways to avail a lucrative deal in terms of grabbing the lowest personal loan interest rates?  Are you someone who wants to apply for personal loan, but being a cibil defaulter couldn’t get the loan? If that is the case with you, nothing to worry at all. Yes, as all you need to do is just read this article further. Today, in this article, we will let you that how a cibil defaulter can also get a personal loan to fulfill his various needs.

Though it is absolutely true that before offering the loan to the applicants lenders do consider the credit/cibil score just to have a quick check on an individual’s credit history and repayment record. But what the lenders will do in case of a cibil defaulter? You might be thinking that his loan application would be rejected and he won’t be able to get the credit until he improves his score, right? Well, that is not true. Even if you are a cibil defaulter, you would be able to get a personal loan online! Yes, that is true my friend!

There are many renowned banks and NBFCs are there in the marketplace which are known for offering the loan to such applicants who are having a low credit score or a cibil defaulter. In such a scenario, these lenders take into consideration various other factors apart from just considering the cibil. Yes, if an applicant is working in a prestigious company (CAT A, CAT B), if an individual is getting a handsome monthly income or if a borrower is working at a higher position/level, there are high chances that he/she might get the loan. I know it sounds almost impossible to you but my friend it is absolutely true that various lenders ready to lend the money to the cibil defaulters just on the above grounds.

But one thing that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that in case of a personal loan cibil defaulters online, lenders offer the loan to the applicants at a higher interest rate. That is true! Being a cibil defaulter, you have to bear some consequences in the form of availing the loan at a higher interest rate. And, with higher rates, you also have to pay the higher EMIs as well as the Interest Outgo. Thus, making a personal loan quite an expensive affair for you to avail.

And, before applying for a loan, if you want to check your credit score online, with the help of many reliable sites you can check cibil score online for free in just 2 minutes. Yes, these sites allow you to know your exact score in just a few steps after taking into account your personal details attached to PAN.

Hope this article was worth reading for you!

Merry with Stunning Packs

Keep Your Bonds Merry with Stunning Packs

The time of Christmas is full of hopes, aspirations, inspiration, love, affection and pleasure. You can make this time work in your favour through your ways. You can make the most of this festival to make sure that your loved ones stay happy and contented. There are plenty of things that you can do for your loved ones. Come on, you cannot deny the fact that you usually don’t talk to them. Maybe in your routine life you don’t have the time for anything but at least carve out some time on Christmas? Continue Reading