Beliefs of Jesus Christ

How The Westside Family Church Exists Following the Beliefs of Jesus Christ?

Jealousy, anger, hatred, intolerance have all become very universal feelings in the present day, it is unfortunate and an irony of life that when people are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to developing the life status, that it is the same individual who would not hesitate for one second to exhibit inhuman behavior. Perhaps now is the time that the world stands in need of liberation and this can be found only in Jesus Christ. The Westside Family Church helps individuals achieve this end through their various programs of praise and worship through which they try to enrich the spiritual lives of individuals. Continue Reading

best account to go for trading

The best account to go for trading

Those who go for trading in the stock market only know the value of low brokerage rate. Usually one may think that how it matters if one charges 0.15 or 0.20 as it is not much different. It is not the case with a trader who goes for trading in huge volume. Here 0.5 also matters a lot as it is simply multiplied by the trades which at the end of the day may end in more than a thousand bucks.  Hence usually it is seen that every trader bargain for brokerage charges when it comes to opening a trading account.

As per the law, it is mandatory to have a trading account with every trader to carry out trading. In modern times there are two types of trading accounts available with almost every broker. They are known as an online and offline account. However, before selecting any of them, one needs to check the account in a way that can help to have ease of trading and at the same time also low brokerage. Usually, there are only a few discount brokers India who allow low brokerage than others, and hence the broker can surely avoid this expense that contributes well to his profit.

How the brokerage matters?

Well, the brokerage is charged by the broker for offering the facility of trading account. In case one goes for the trading of 100000 and the rate of brokerage is 0.15 then he has to pay the amount 1500 as brokerage. Now, this amount, if he does not need to pay, can straightly be added to his profit, and hence the overall margin money can also get increased. This leads to more trading and as a result more profit. Hence the small amount of brokerage also matters a lot when it comes to trading account.

The brokerage charges vary from service provider to service provider and hence one needs to check a few of them before signing the deal with any service provider. There are some situations when the broker is helpless to bargain the rate of brokerage. They are as under:

  • Big ticket size: If the client can prove that his turnover is very high and it is a routine for him, the broker has to calculate that it is only one client and as his turnover is high, even with the low brokerage rate also he can earn well. Hence he cannot refuse at all.
  • The size of margin money: Margin money is the amount on which the broking firm offers the limit. In such situation, if the margin money is high, the client can go for higher trading which can lead to more profit to the broker in the form of brokerage even if the rate of brokerage is low.
  • The online account: In many cases, the broking companies are ready to compromise with the brokerage rate if the client goes for an online account. Here the service provider does not have to take much pain, and hence low brokerage is also fine by him.
Top Textile Companies In India

The Phenomenon Rise Of The Top Textile Companies In India

The great Indian textile industry is regularly changing and evolving to conquer the new frontiers. It has all the numbers to maintain and improve on its astonishing glory. These numbers are courtesy of the quality products constantly manufactured by the top textile companies in India. A huge amount of research is done by these organizations to keep the quality intact while producing excessive numbers of products for the public.

The use of latest machines in their manufacturing process has enabled them to create authentic products. The contribution of the textile industry is commendable with a roughly 15 percent of the total export figure. The growth of the industry is expected around the US$ 226 Billion figure by the year 2023. The major contributors are the cotton and man-made fibres.

We are the largest and second largest in the production of jute and cotton/silk respectively. The growing income of people along with new ways of buying clothes and clothing accessories have boosted the growth in this sector. The recent emergence of the various e-commerce companies has further increased the demand for various types of textile products.

Nowadays, any casual wear manufacturer can easily sell their products online at the various e-commerce sites. These online retailers provide a great opportunity for manufacturers to maximize the sale of their products. The online way of selling the products help them to cut cost on logistics and offer discounts to the customers. It’s a win-win situation for both the party i.e. customers and the seller. The customers have plenty of options while the seller has the best chance to sell their products directly to them.

The people nowadays have become smart. They like to compare the quality of any cloth to a product from various companies before picking the right one. It has resulted in a fierce competition among the manufacturers. They are fighting with their competitors to woo the customers. The customers can only be persuaded by quality products at a fair price point.

The Indian companies regularly export their products to several countries. No other country can produce that quantity of products at such a quick speed throughout the year. The presence of abundant labor and raw materials are the two deciding factors here. We are an agriculture-based country. Therefore, the raw materials are easily available to the companies for their manufacturing process.

The big size of our country helps us to easily find the workforce that too without spending a huge amount of money. The garment industry is driven by the sheer dedication of the top textile companies in India. They always seek new ways to grow their business. The several initiatives by the Government of India have immensely helped them in their growth.