Wood Carving Tools

Over the years, the art of wood carving has greatly evolved. Today, more efficient carving techniques are now being practiced, since more reliable wood carving tools have already been introduced. Thanks to the ingenuity of modern advancements, wood carvers are now presented with a wide range of functional wood carving tool sets to choose from. Even amateur carvers will greatly benefit from using high-quality and efficient carving tools since they are available for both professionals and beginners. The trends and techniques on the art of wood carving may have changed a lot, but the main principle surrounding it still remains the same. Carving is simply the artists’ way of expressing themselves. The art of wood carving has been recognized as a tangible form of expressing oneself in more ways than one. The presence of high-end wood carving tool sets helped to increase the detail made to the carved figures.

Back To Basics

Whether you are using Japanese wood carving tools or other similar types, it is of the essence that you are familiar with the tools present in a wood carving tool set. This is essential to ensure that you know the proper way of using them, which will also help you maximize their use. Familiarity on the basic equipments used in wood carving is needed for you to fully understand the main essence of the craft.

Tools for wood-carving are typically measured at the widest part of their cutting edge, except for parting tools which are measured on one side of the cutting edge. In which, the part being measured is called as the “sweep”. Usually, the tool’s name indicates its function. Some of the basic and most commonly used tools for wood carving are the following:

  • Veining tools: They have the smallest sizes of straight gouges, with narrow yet deep “U” shaped cutting edges designed for roughing-out, and grooving small lines or areas.
  • Fluters or Firmers: As compared to veining tools, they have larger and wider straight gouges wherein their U-shape cutting edges are used for roughing out flatter edges. Additionally, they are the tool of choice for smoothing or finishing tasks.
  • Parting tools: They have V-shaped cutting edges that are normally 45″ to 60″ in size. The smaller the V-shape edge means the narrower the cut. They are commonly used for outlining, undercutting, and finishing inside corners.
  • Chisel: They have straight cutting edges that occur 90″ from the tool’s shank. Their sweep ranges from narrow to wide, and they are generally used for flat-cutting or finishing sharp edges. The macaroni box chisel is a specialized type of carving tool designed for flat-cornering and straight-fluting.
  • Skews: These are types of chisels with straight cutting edges grounded at 45″ angles, making them excellent for cornering, and their sweeps are very similar to straight chisels. Depending on the desired type of cut, you can choose either a skew-left or skew-right.
  • Spoon Gouges: Also known as short-bent gouges, they have straight shanks that have concave spoon-shaped crook, or bend cutting edges. They are mainly used in smoothing roughed out areas and hollows.
  • Back-bent Gouges: They look similar to spoon gouges but they have convex-shaped curves that bend backwards from the shank. They are useful when clearing undersides as well as when making abrupt down-turns.
  • Long-bent gouges: They conform to straight gouges, and have concave curves along the length of the tools’ whole shank. They are primarily used for the purposes of hollowing-out or roughing out edges.
  • Fish-tail gouges: They are called as such since they resemble like the fish’s tail-fin. They are the common choice when making clean cuts in areas with tight and sharp corners since they do not interfere with the nearby edges.

Flexcut wood carving tools are one of the popular choices among professionals. They offer different types of competitively priced and high-quality carving tools. It is essential to only invest on high-quality wood carving power tools to ensure excellent quality of work. Nevertheless, the emergence of numerous types of wood carving tools has certainly paved way for a more rewarding and worthwhile wood carving activity! Read our article about best wood router reviews and complete buying guide.

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