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Benefits for Women Applying for a Home Loan

Around a decade ago, it was unusual for women to take a decision pertaining to finance. Most of the women even the working ones were heavily reliant on men when it came to financial investments such as insurance, investment and taxation. The only form of investment in which women actively used to take part was buying gold. However, the investment landscape has changed in recent years. Back to back initiatives taken by the ruling governments to encourage women to invest in financial sectors has paid off. More women are inclined towards investing and making the decision independently. The situation has changed considerably, and women nowadays are open to taking risks and investing in not just financial market but real estate market as well. To encourage it even further, financial institutions are offering exclusive benefits to women to enhance their involvement. Among the benefits that are being offered to women, here are several outlining ones: Continue Reading

packers and movers in Panchkula

Relocate the Best Way

There are many reasons as to why you are shifting to another place such as job change, transfer, moving to abroad, personal reasons or professional reasons, people relocate quite often. During such time, you will require some help packing and moving, which is not an easy task. In such circumstances, hiring packers and movers service is a great idea.

Relocation with packers and movers in Hyderabad for instance, requires a lot of consideration. The company you hire to pack and move your essentials is quite an important aspect which can’t be avoided. You need to look at how professional and efficient the company is. You should search for an efficient, skillful, qualified, and experienced packer and mover’s service. Such companies help you relocate almost anywhere, so let’s look at different types of shifting services.

  1. Household shifting

If you are relocating to a new residence, then a qualified and professional packers and movers would emphasize to make it a smooth and safe delivery of your very belongings. There could be many reasons as to why anyone chooses to relocate. Household relocating is a big task that requires help of others, as it has several complexities, which leaves the person shifting to be exhausted considerably. However, it is true that people choose to handle such task on their own, without any professional help, but while doing so many times they end up destroying their belongings. So don’t fret about it, and hire a good shifting service, who will take proper care of your goods.

  1. Local shifting

There are several experienced packers and movers that comprehend various requirements of the people, and they try to bring the best possible ways to help them out. Raj Packers service, for instance always puts great emphasis that this task of relocation is comforting and delightful experience for their customers.

  1. Domestic shifting

Packers and movers company help relocate homes of their customers also to different states, so they can easily adjust and settle in their new home. There could be many reasons why they are moving to another state, and for this there are many companies within those states who help in such cases. For example, moving from Panchkula to Hyderabad, there are many packers and movers in Panchkula who could assist you to shift easily to Hyderabad. Such services make sure as to none of your precious belongings get damaged while shifting to another state.

  1. Within State shifting

Such service works when you have to shift within state. Also this is not just one-person task, taking some professional assistance could help you shift better. As moving everything on your own, without any professional assistance could turn out to be very exhausting.

  1. International Shifting

International shifting, is a big task, and for such you definitely require professional help, as they will be extra cautious with your belongings. For this you need to hire an extremely experienced and professional packers and movers. In such cases, they make sure that the packaging of your precious goods is done with finest quality material, which would be helpful in preventing any unfortunate damage.

Always compare several companies before finalizing, as your belongings are precious, and you want them to be relocated in one piece.

Hindi Devotional Channels

Top Rated Hindi Devotional Channels in India

Hindi Devotional Channels are dedicated to celebrating faith through music or story-telling. Plenty of sermons from speakers around the world are featured on the devotional channels too. Devotional channels strive on turning the people towards a better way of living through all these programs and shows. In addition to these sermons, meetings, and bhajans, the channels broadcast plenty of programs that help people turn towards spirituality.

There are plenty of devotional channels in Hindi that are working hard to provide people and meet their spiritual requirements. These channels possess a growing reputation around the world and are highly followed by the Hindi speaking population living in India and in different parts of the world. The Hindi Channels broadcast talks from reputed speakers around the world which take the common populace through a trance and make them feel holy.  Here is a list of top 5 of those channels which are most followed by the Hindi populace around the world. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best Indian Hindi TV Channels.

Naina Devi Temple

The Naina Devi Temple is a live stream that runs 24 hours a day. Its available in over 40 countries and features daily prayers. The channel is particularly popular during Diwali festival when the Hindi devotional channels live broadcast is watched by millions.


Similar to the above, this devotional channel is a 24-hour live stream of the ISKCON Temple. The temple itself is located in Mumbai and is live broadcasted across, America, India, Europe and the Middle East.

Vrindavan Temple

The Vrindavan Temple has a reputation for its vibrant festivals and engaging temple music. The channel is available to watch live from anywhere in the world online or via an app. In addition to this, there are plenty of other devotional channels that can be watched through Live TV.

Hare Krishna TV

Hare Krishna TV is one of the most popular Hindi devotional channels in the world. The show broadcasts 24 hours a day, covering any and all events related to ISKCON. Their shows are typically bright and engaging pieces of modern storytelling. Hare Krishna TV is one of those Live TV Channels that radiate the spiritual essence 24×7 all over the world.

Dagduseth Temple

Closing off our list is another 24-hour channel from the legendary Dagduseth Temple. Here, you can engage in songs of praise, or witness some of the finest sermons in the world. The Dagduseth is home to some of the brightest, most inspiring performances of all Hindi TV channels.

All these channels can be watched directly in India but are accessible all around the world only through certain Indian channel providers like YuppTV. These services made these channels available online and easy to live stream through the websites on laptops and computers. One can even watch the channels on their HD Smart televisions or Smartphones using the Android Apps. If you´re interested in knowing more about Hindi language channels- devotional, entertainment, news and other, there are plenty available to stream through these services.

Pizza Chains

Notable Pizza Chains in Canada

A study from research Organization NPD Group says that Canada’s food services industry is experiencing a stable economy; however, takeaways and drive-thru are expected to rise. Pizza is one of the most popular and favourite fast food not only throughout the world but also in Canada.

Linda Strachan, a Toronto-based industry analyst for foodservice with The NPD Group, shares that the Pizza chains in Canada are losing business these days. Also all sorts of fast foods are competing with the growing craze of fresh & healthy food these days and the aging population also cause a decline in consumption. However, irrespective of any condition, pizza remains one of the highest ordered foods from restaurants across Canada.

As on 2016, Pizza Pizza Limited has been the market leader in terms of revenue generation with C$459.7 million dollars. Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza and Panago Pizza Inc. follow the line with C$363.5, C$292 and C$165.5 million dollars. Let’s have a look at these notable Pizza chains in Canada:

  • Pizza Pizza Limited

Pizza Pizza Limited was established in 1967 and is headquartered in Toronto. It operates primarily in Ontario and Alberta. The company franchises and operates quick-service restaurants under the Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 brands. Their vision is “best food, made especially for you”.

As of 2017, they employ over 3000 employees countrywide. They are operating a total of 667 franchised and licensed restaurants, 75 jointly-controlled restaurants and 10 company-owned restaurants across Canada.

  • Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a world famous restaurant chain from the U.S. It was established in 1958 and operates under the subsidiary of Yum Brands, Inc. They offer Italian-American cuisines including pizza, pasta, side dishes and desserts.

They have a network of 15000 stores worldwide including Canada. Pizza Hut Canada operates under the subsidiary of Pizza Hut and has at least 38 locations in Quebec and Greater Ottawa/Kingston Region.

  • Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza of Canada Ltd. (DPC) is a privately held company and the official Canadian Franchisee of the U.S. based Domino’s Pizza International Franchising, Inc. Domino’s has been a global leader in delivery and takeaway pizza. Headquartered in Ontario, they have almost 400 franchised locations across every province in Canada.

In spite of being a global leader, Domino’s is continuously trying for innovation in some way or the other. They claim that they along with their team members do everything according to the best interests of the customers.

Dominos customer service Canada consists of a team of professional experienced employees for in-store & call centre support. Dominos customer service Canada can be contacted on 1-866-903-1151.

  • Panago Pizza Inc.

Panago Pizza Inc. was founded in 1986 and is based in Abbotsford, Canada. They operate and franchise restaurants in Canada. Since the last more than 25 years, Panago has created a status of being one of the most famous deliveries and takeaway pizza franchises in the country. Their remarkable customer service also contributes a lot to their success.

They operate 180 stores countrywide and claim that their commitment to provide only fresh quality pizza helps them to serve over 8 million pizzas per year & also drive them to grow more.

Web site Redesign

How to Create Audience Personas During Web site Redesign?

To “know the audience” isn’t enough but visualising unique user types before designing is an effective way to craft a web design experience that resonates.Understanding these critical facts is a way to ace website redesigning which is user-friendly.

Uplift the site to reflect the company

Most of the clients that approach digital agencies have an existing website released more or less three years back however obsolete in terms of design and functionality.

What’s more important yet unfortunate are websites that lack the details of the customer value while the company association remains vague.

Success factor of all such companies drop rapidly but those who crave web design per the current trends emerge victorious.

A common example/description

Perhaps yours is a growing business and website requires immediate upgrading to match the performance level so as to streamline everything. In all this growth and excitement, it’s likely that the website has slowed and probably become obsolete which disconnect the customers. Although they may return being loyal; not through the website but some other source.

It’s all quite logical

You’ve been probably working hard to scale the business and foster new innovations. In all this commotion, you and the team have little time to brainstorm over the official website, its purpose and to whom it may serve.

This is when audience personas steps in which is a great way to craft user-centric and engaging websites that communicates all about the business. It also helps in understanding mind-set of the audience so as to streamline the decisions accordingly without compromising corporate expectations.

Being creative with personas

When going through the web design or redesign process, it’s obvious to be hyper-focused on the personal design preferences and ignore the content which is actually presented to the user; both during the presentation as well as composition. All this would make it difficult to understand the website and how it fits into the company’s overall marketing strategy.

The first question you should ask or least realise is for whom the website is being developed. In today’s highly competitive industry, a single site serves dynamic audience belonging to many different niches. If a persona for each is created especially the up-front audiences, it’s quite helpful during the website redesign process.

Creating a persona isn’t too much of a challenge as long as you remember a few basics. Read on to know more;

  • Personal profile

It includes the basic details such as name, gender, employment designation. Pick any of your liking however make sure employment designation is close to the business service.

  • Company

Choose a company where persona fits perfectly. It can be relevant to ecommerce such as online product selling either B2B or B2Cwhich provide professional services to a variety of industries.

  • Academics & other characteristics

Here’s where you’ve space to play with words and include a lot of details. Start with academics such as a college or university degree as well as some work experience. Other details must be relevant to professional relationship with peers and overall industrial expertise.


When considering web design or redesign, personas help define the corporate niche by touching multiple touch-points concerning audience and services being offered.