Know More About Ron Blum

Know More About Ron Blum- The Illustrious President of the Egg Factory, LLC

Most of us know the Egg Factory, LLC but very few are aware of the President of business domain Ron Blum. A recognized figure in the business circuit, Ron Blum largely remains hidden to the public. The founder of Pogo Tech, who is also the President of the Egg Factory, LCC is a man of potential. The Virginia based businessperson had a prolific career, which is known for his contribution to the development of human wellness. Presently, these two companies the Egg Factory and the Pogo tech offer specialized ophthalmic solutions to people having a vision problem. They supply medical equipment that serves as an aid to visually impaired people and persons suffering from poor vision.

A trustee in the Roanoke College (Southern College of Optometry) where he studied for his doctorate of Optometry degree, Mr. Blum pioneered the field of optometric as a businessperson. His insight into the medical profession and far-sighted vision made him aware of the urgent necessities of the system and that made him cash-in on the phenomenon of ophthalmic equipment. He is the finest example of creative thinking and innovation. He has proven how creative thinking can help in bringing a radical change in the quality of health care.

With this vision of changing health care facilities, Mr. Blum founded the Egg Factory LCC in 1999, which is regarded as the pioneer business enterprise serving the widespread demands of the optics and ophthalmic section in the US. There are major parts of the company – a group of 4 younger companies all pertaining to the health care sector are all licensed Billion Dollar Global Companies. 2013 showed the possibility of reaching the status of a global standard company and ultimately it was done by 2014. Encore Vision LLC and Encore Health are a part of his business franchise and fares amongst the four major companies in his group. Of this Encore Health was acquired by the pharmaceutical giant Novartis in 2017. Other companies in this group include the High-Performance Optics and Innotech. Both of these companies have now been acquired by giants like Essilor, NASDAQ, and Johnson & Johnson.

Egg Factory LLC, which is specialized in developing optics and ophthalmic products, have greatly benefited from the vision and ideas of its mentor. Mr. Blum’s critical thinking and management ability have made it reach this stage. The company now develops high functioning electronic eyeglasses for people with multifocal eye power. Other products like retarders, liquid crystals, and zoom auto-focus system etc. are hugely successful in the diagnosis of ophthalmic problems and hence are routinely used in the diagnostic centers.

Other than this, the highly efficient team of Egg Factory, LLC lead by the vision of Ron Blum is generating path-breaking features bio-medical imaging, commercial camera development, wave filtering technology. Together with all these facilities, the company aims to eliminate cataract, blindness and other kinds of ophthalmic problems from the public imagination, and Mr. Blum is the one who is at the helm of it.

Why Should You Get An Education

Why Should You Get An Education?

There must have been a time in every person’s life wherein one thought why am I going to school? Why am I learning all of this? Well, this article will help you to get your facts straight. Just imagine a society wherein we didn’t have an educational system, where we didn’t have a system teaching a larger portion of the crowd similar values and information. Even though the educational system is criticized for not being versatile enough to attend to the needs of the different kinds of students out there, there are certain aspects of getting an education which will help you to contribute to the society. Let us look into some of the reasons how getting an education can benefit you. Continue Reading

Typical Mistakes That You Should Watch Out for When Dealing with Private Moneylenders

When you can’t get a loan from a bank, it can be worthwhile to explore the possibilities with a private moneylending firm. Getting a loan from a moneylending firm can be far easier than approaching a bank where everything has to be supported with proper documents that make borrowers with poor credit, a risky property, or even employment issues ineligible. However, some common mistakes that can complicate issues:

Not Getting Your Loan Pre-Approved

If getting a loan is critical to your being able to acquire the desired asset, it is very important that you get your loan pre-approved before you enter into a purchase agreement. Not doing this can expose you to the risk of having to make the payment even though you don’t have the funds. Getting a pre-approval loan ensures complete safety while leaving you free to forego it if you decide against making the purchase for any reason.

Not Knowing the Loan Amount

Not borrowing enough can leave you stranded while borrowing more than you need meansan extra expense that’s completely avoidable. Like bank loans, private moneylender loans too need to be paid back as per a pre-agreed monthly installment schedule. However, if you take a hard money loan, you need to pay only the interest and the principal amount will have to be paid back at one time after the end of the tenor. If you borrow more than you can afford to repay, you may default and the asset may be seized by the moneylender. Be careful when making your estimate as you need to make allowances for unexpected expenses or cost and time overruns that may throw your projections out of gear.

Getting Turned Off by the Interest Rate

Private money lending rates are higher than that of banks simply because of the increased level of risk and the speed of approval that enable you to get going faster. However, hard money loans need only the interest to be paid every month while the original amount can be repaid with the sale proceeds of the asset when it is being liquidated. Alternatively, borrowers can get cheaper bank loans when their financial position is more secure.

Ignoring the Lender’s Reputation and Integrity

Don’t take the loan form the first lender that agrees but take the time to choose a lender whom you can trust to accept a loan that carries a reasonable rate of interest and whose policies are completely transparent. It can help to approach lenders with experience in the sector you are operating in, do not charge upfront fees, offer flexible repayment plans, and in general, are keen to work with you for mutual benefit.


While you may find getting a loan approved by a private moneylender easy and convenient, you should always examine the contract very carefully to ensure that there are no hidden surprises in the fine print. Be sure of all the charges and the terms of repayment so that you are fully prepared.


Top 5 Tips Prior to Setting up Your Own Small Business Plan

Small businesses contribute largely to the world economy. However, it is important to know what exactly is a small business? A small business can be defined as a business with private ownership having a relatively smaller number of employees, probably less than 100 employees.

While big companies and conglomerates still dominate the market, the impact these small businesses have on the capital world cannot be ruled out. As stated by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms. Such small businesses stimulate economic growth by providing employment opportunities and fostering innovation.

It may seem easy to start a small business of your own, but in reality, the complications to establish a business are way too high. Laying the foundation for your organization demands a great amount of dedication and determination. Once the base is correctly set, your small business can make it big, just like Google and Amazon.

However, it is saddening to know that most of these businesses end soon. According to a report by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), almost one-fifth of small businesses and startups fail in the first year itself and about half of all employer establishments fail within five years. These staggering statistics indicate that there are some market fundamentals you need to know before you actually lay a stronghold for your business. Today, we present you with Top 5 tips you need to take care of while establishing your own small business:

  1. Right Attitude to start your business

While setting up your company, the most vital thing of all is your attitude. You need to be extremely passionate about what you are doing and you must have a clear thought process. It is also important to be practical at all times, whatever the situation may be. Having right attitude also means placing right fundamentals for your company, to which each employee needs to adhere to. This is the most important aspect of every company.

  1. Networking

Your business will not last without clients and customers. So always make contacts. Also, identify people who give you genuine bits of advice and be in touch with them. This is crucial since a business devoid of customers certainly won’t last long.

  1. Analysis

Field research is always a necessary step. The market changes every day and hence it becomes crucial to know your market well. You need to be completely aware of the current market trends and what it demands. Become a genius of the industry and the products related to your busines

  1. Getting expert personnel

However genius you may be, you need to have expert and talented people who share the same passion as you for your business. Also, you might not be the one who can handle every aspect of the business single-handedly. So, it becomes pivotal to hire people who are experts in different domains of the business.

  1. Funding

No business runs without investment, it’s all about money after all. See where you can get funding from. Find prospective investors who would like to put their money into your business to earn profits. A backup plan in case of a downtrend is always necessary, so devise your back up plans accordingly.

While it is always good to start something of your own, it is important to plan your business before actually setting it up. These tips might help you establish your small company. For more such tips and information read the best small business blogs.





Axis Bank Credit Card Gives You Access To Have Privileges On Card

Axis bank is the top-most bank in private sector and provides a wide array of privileges. Nowadays, a credit card is like a magical stick in every single person’s life, just one swipe and wish come true. Everything, whatever we can use it for benefits, of course, there will be some flaws also. How? To continue your Axis bank credit card services, need to pay all bills on time without damaging your CIBIL score.

To get the benefits of Axis bank credit card, first of all, check your KYC department. Is it proper? Yes, KYC is vital part while applying for a credit card, it’s mandatory area. When you can open an Axis bank official site, you can see credit card section just select that, know the eligibility and documents part.

For Axis bank credit card, you should be 18 years and not above 70 years. The individual should have a good credit history. If we talk about your documents, need Identity proof which includes PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter ID and Passport. For Address, Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Driving license and Passport is acceptable. Recent passport size photograph and Income proof, which shows lenders your payback capacity.

Now you can easily apply for credit online. If all the KYC is matched, as per Axis bank norms then, you are in ok to go list. An online procedure is simple, visit the website of a bank, fill personal and professional details and documents. After verification, your query by a bank will receive your card 2 to 3 weeks.

What Are The Different Service In Axis Bank Credit Card For Payment?

Axis bank has provided both options offline and online payment. When you apply for a card, you need all benefits in your credit card. That’s the reason Axis bank gives you online payment option for that just need to open your ID for any below services

First, we can take Net- Banking Service, for this you can register your ID and if you have already a savings account in Axis bank can easily pay bills without any delay. For open Net Banking site, need to use User ID and Password of yours. With this, you can comfortably pay credit card bills, utility bills or can check your transactions. Net Banking not only used to pay the bill it also can use to view gift vouchers, due dates, outstanding, reward points and rest many things.

Your next service is AutoPay, with this you can not neglect to pay bills on time. Yes, if anyone multiple cards, then it’s understood to forget pay one card and it a big problem. So, here is a solution AutoPay service, Axis bank account holders are lucky that bank will provide them many online facilities. With this service you can just set your standing instruction, to Axis bank account then automatically they debt as per due date will come.

Now you have an ATM Service which is, the 24*7 available assistance and everywhere you can have ATMs. The outstanding amount is available on an Axis bank credit card can be transferred from a savings account to the customer’s credit card account. In short, you have an option to pay credit card bills through this ATM service.

You can also use Immediate Payment Service, as an Axis bank credit card holder you can pay outstanding credit card bills through the mobile application. After login, your Axis bank mobile banking App can enter few details, Mobile number, Payment and the payee amount which would be 16 digit credit card number.

Not that’s it you can have an Offline method also, in that you can get Cash and Cheque mode of payment. For both processes, you can visit the Axis bank branch and fill the bill deposit form and drop into the bank counter.

To pay bills is the comfortability of yours, that’s why the bank will provide you with both options. The motive to pay bills on time and maintained your CIBIl score and credit score.

How Do You Can Check Your Expenses Report?

If you want every transaction report, then a bank will send in your registered email ID after completed one billing cycle. You can also check through online banking applications if you are using it or either you can get from ATMs, which is called mini statement. The bank statement always gives you a right path that how you use your credit card, spending habits, points and many things which you need to know when you are using a credit card.

Maybe you are thinking the same things, what? Where you can raise your doubts, Isn’t? Right, don’t worry, Axis bank customer care helpline is 24*7 activated for you, what you need to do is just call on their toll-free number 1860 419 5555 and take all your solutions.