Moto G3

How to Repair the Moto G3

After the update of the Android 6.0 operating system, many Motorola Moto G3 phones have stopped working correctly, failures in the round center button, cannot receive calls and even cannot format the smartphone. Below we explain you step by step how to repair the Moto G.

Steps to follow:

1   This procedure erases all the data stored in the internal memory of the phone, however, it will not affect the data of the SIM card or the SD card. Please note that when you use this function, everything will be erased. This includes all messages (SMS, MMS and email), contacts and third-party applications downloaded to the terminal. Also included are all multimedia files (photos, music, videos) that are stored in the internal memory of the phone.

For this reason, we advise you to make a backup of all your data and contacts before restoring the factory settings of the terminal.

2   If you have Google synchronization enabled on your phone, your contacts should be saved in your Gmail account. We advise you to verify your Gmail account ( to confirm that all your contacts are there. If your contacts are synchronized, it will automatically recover them when you add your Gmail account to your phone again. You also have the option, if you wish, to transfer your contacts to the SIM card. When the factory reset has been completed, you can import your contacts again.

3    For resetting, a minimum battery level of 25% will be required. If you cannot perform a reset, charge for 20-30 minutes and try again.

4    With the phone switched off, press the DOWNLOAD VOLUME key for 2-3 seconds. Then press the ON key and then release.

5    The device will list different boot options. Use the volume down key to scroll and the power key to select.

6   The device will turn on with the Motorola logo and an exclamation mark

7    An image of the Android mascot and the message Sin Commandos will appear. Press and hold the Power button and then press and release the Volume up key (this will open a menu).

8   The device will display the text in blue with a black background. Use the volume down key to scroll and the power button to select the desired option.

9   In this case, scroll until Wipe data / Factory reset is selected and press the power button to confirm your selection.

10   Use the volume key again to select YES and press the power button to confirm. The device will start the reset to the factory settings.

Once the reset is complete, press the power button to confirm the restart. The rebooting message is displayed on the screen. The device will restart and start its normal start.

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We inform you that your phone does not have any program or application that allows you to make a backup copy of your text messages (SMS), however, you can download a third party application from the Google Play Store that offers this service. Some of our clients have informed us that they have had good results with the SMS Backup application, however, we would like to inform you that we cannot guarantee the proper functioning or compatibility of this application since we do not offer support for third party applications.

If you need more information or help, please do not hesitate to contact us again. If you need to contact our Support Center to see your inquiry in greater detail with one of our experienced technical support agents.

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Know About Vidmate

Know About Vidmate – superb App for Smartphones

As the name suggests, Vidmate app may be a video downloader application. In any case, it’s a substantial live of highlights that create it not constant as others. the applying encompasses a lot of capability to urge things done curiously. The vidmate application may be a solitary account many of your on-line problems. you’ll have an excellent time from movie industry, Hollywood with videos, motion footage and songs.

With Vidmate for robot, you’ll get access to an excellent several tunes and videos. Also, you’ll with none price downloads from numerous on-line video streaming sites. magisterially, Vidmate Downloader isn’t accessible on Google Play Store. In any case, purchasers UN agency have robot telephones with rendition a pair of.2 or additional will nowadays transfer it. Moreover, you’ll save the foremost recent music and to boot HD recordings utilizing the Vidmate application. Besides, you’ll play Live TV on your robot cell phones. This Vidmate downloader can give you with quite ton of options. on these lines, you’ll become additional at home with the capacities of this astounding application and so utilize them to avoid wasting the use of your web knowledge charge. an incredible attribute of Vidmate (official website: for android Devices is that with this application, you’ll get the unlimited access.

This application allows you to look at and hear all most up-to-date HD films, Songs and even you likewise transfer them to your appliance. the most effective part of the applying is transfer unlimited video and has over two hundred live TV channels altogether free. Vidmate is, in fact, associate degree beat one app. Around 50,000+ moveable purchasers introduce and encountered this application and have extraordinary involvement with this Vidmate application.

It has a cluster of 1000+ sensible recordings, flick, and tunes. Cricket fans would currently be ready to watch the cricket with a high caliber from this application. On the off likelihood that you just uncomprehensible your most fair-haired TV shows then no compelling reason to urge interested in what you had uncomprehensible within the scene, install the Vidmate application and watch daily soaps anytime and from anyplace.


  1. It helps to lock your non-public videos.
  2. Comes with another to enable/disable transfer on the Mobile network.
  3. Incorporated browser with uc mini
  4. Incorporated search and search history
  5. Country explicit trending music hints
  6. perfect access to marker, history
  7. utterly featured file/folder manager for straightforward media management
  8. External browser backup


Perhaps, abstract art is the only art form which has received both hate and love in abundance. This art form can never go unnoticed. The new entrants in the world of art who are oblivious to it don’t even consider these as a legit piece of art. On the other hand, those who have the required amount of intellect and ability to decipher such art paintings consider these as the most prodigious and creative art style. However, regardless of the response that abstract paintings get abstract painters from all around the world continue practicing and selling the works of this unique art style. Hence, Indian artists also didn’t shy away from creating unique abstract paintings.

Thus, in this article we bring to you five of the most renowned Indian artists that practice abstract art incessantly. Take a look.

  1. H. Raza

The Indian art price charts are always led by him. In Fact, you will rarely see some other artist on top of this list. S.H Raza was born in the year 1922 in Madhya Pradesh. However, he moved to France in the year 1905. Since then he has been residing and working from there. He usually uses bright colors. Many organizations and the government of India has given him many awards. He has also been honored with Padma Vibhushan award in 2013.

Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar is yet another gem that India is bestowed with. The artist was born in 1924. He has spent his childhood in the serene environment of Shimla of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, the artist has studied art from France and India for honing his artistic skills further. The artist has also been a member of Progressive artists group where he found many eminent artists who have supported and appreciated his works. M.F Hussain and S.H Raza are two of those artists who got intrigued by his passion for art. Hence, they gave him the opportunity to work along with them. Although there are many renowned Indian artists making abstract paintings, one of Ram Kumar’s painting named ‘Vagabond’ became extremely popular. In fact, the aforementioned painting was sold at a whopping amount of more than one dollar. Prior to practicing abstract art, Ram Kumar used to practice Figurative art. However, he gave up on this art style as he found abstract art more

At an auction held at Christie’s, this painting was sold for more than a million dollars! Figurative was his style of art in the starting years. But he gave up this style later and adopted abstract art as he found it more expressive.

Tyeb Mehta

Tyeb Mehta is one of those abstract art painters who used to practice art according to the traditional norms set by the Bengal school of art. However, they went on with their instinct and switched to practicing Abstract art style. The artist was born in Mumbai in the year 1925. He completed his studies at J.J school of arts. Many of his artworks have been sold for millions. For instance, ‘Kali’ was sold for $ 10 million, ‘Gesture’ for an astonishing amount of $ 31 million.

Indian Government has acknowledged his talent by giving him, Padma Bhushan in 2007. Unfortunately, the artist died at an age of 83 suddenly while leaving most of his paintings half-done.

M.F Hussain

Out of all the Indian artists, M.F Hussain is perhaps the most identifiable face for the individuals of India. The artist is known for his abstract paintings all across the world. His artworks are loved so much so that the artist popularly came to be known as ‘The Picasso of India’. The paintings of M. F Hussain were inordinate not just in terms of emotion but subjects as well. Some of his most prominent art paintings include ‘Sprinkling Horses ’, ‘Battle of Ganga and Jamuna’.

Prabhakar Kolte

Prabhakar Kotle was born in 1946. He has completed his studies in the field of art from J.J school of arts. The artist has also worked as a tutor in this school for two years. His abstract paintings initially were inspired by the works of Paul Klee.

Let us know in the comments your favorite Indian artists who make abstract art.