Sales Executive- Career Scope, Opportunities, and Job Prospects:

Nowadays, a large number of people may see sales career as a default choice, because it offers a wide range of opportunities and huge scope. In every sector, either we talk about IT or Management there is a huge demand for the sales representative. Without sales people it is quite difficult to increase the business productivity of any organization, they play a crucial role in increasing the growth of any company.  They help in generating the more leads for business and attract new customers every day.

What do they do?                                                                                    

Salespeople usually work with customers to understand what they want and what their needs are. They sell different types of product and services such as Home Appliances, beauty products, electronic items, and cars to customers, companies, organizations or agencies. They tell everything to customers about their product or services. It is an interesting career option, the people who work in sales spend most of their time visiting clients in person, communicating with clients and negotiating contracts over the phone and email. Sometimes they need to attend a meeting with marketing and advertising teams to ensure their activities. They work on different strategies every time and changed their strategies according to the customer habits. They work with the team or individually as a business owner and make plans how to close the next deal.

People who have interest to deal with different types of people and have the ability to sell product in the market can enter into this exciting field.

Education Requirement, Career scope, and opportunities:

It is the best career option for the fresher candidates; anyone can start their career in sales after completion of their bachelor degree in the specialized field. One needs to earn a bachelor degree such as BBA in Business administration, Sales or marketing or can choose according to their interest or the industry they wish to work with. Some companies demand for the candidates with the Master’s degree of MBA.  As well as, one can do diploma in any of them. With the specific education requirement, success in this field requires good communication skills to understand the queries of customers, Problem-solving ability, High patience level to attend to handle every type of customers, good presentation style, good time management skills and many more.

With education requirement and necessary skills one needs to take proper 3 months or 6 months training from any company to understand how to deal with different customers or clients.  Training is a necessary part after completion of the education because in training some expert will teach you how to build strong strategies, how to present yourself, how to deal with your customers and with their queries.  There are number of companies which offers on-job training, they guide you in your every step as well as observe your activities in order to improve them.

It is easy to apply for on-job training after completion of a bachelor degree or Master’s degree. Every day lots of opportunities are posted by different recruiters on job portals.

Job Prospects and growth:

This sector is constantly growing from the past few decades, and expected to be growing faster in near future. This growth opens the door of career for many young candidates. Job prospects are quite good and every day a large number of job vacancies offered by many different organizations in different locations. It is easy for the seeker to find Jobs in Dehradun, Ranchi, Delhi/NCR, and Bangalore and in many more different locations. One can apply easily with the availability of online job portals.

There are a number of benefits to choose a career in sales such as good salary package, bonus, incentive, fast growth, endless job vacancies and many more. One can earn double income by doing work in sales industry.Salary of an sales person is depend on various factors including qualification, experience, company, location, post and on many more different factors. The Average salary of a sales person is around 292,705 per year. At entry level one can as a junior sales executive in any company, but after gaining some experience one can easily switch to another job or at higher post. Take a step forward to make your career in sales and to make a bright future.

Different Job option and career path in this field:

  • Insurance Sales Agents
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Loan Officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing Representative
  • Sales Engineer

Benefits of choosing sales as a career:

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Freedom to work
  • Great earning potential
  • Chance to meet with new people
  • Continual Learning
  • Flexible Working Hours

Author Bio:

Khushboo Setiyais a blogger an online media enthusiast and who loves to pin down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She loves to write about various related topics such as Web designing Techniques, Digital marketing, career guidance, Job searching Techniques, IT Development and much more.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Debt Consolidation Company

You are under tremendous mental pressure because of the ever-mounting debts. You need to be proactive now and come up with some logical but speedy solutions so that you can get out of your debts effectively. Since you are thinking in terms of taking out a debt consolidation loan as the right solution for dragging you out of the financial mess, it is a wise move to seek professional assistance. The Internet is constantly promoting numerous debt consolidation companies.

You need to be smart enough to do your homework before getting in touch with a debt consolidation company. Obviously, the only thing you want is to get rid of your debts and then spend money on important things and not just throw it away stupidly in interest payments. Try to know your facts before talking to a debt consolidation firm.

You very well know that having a serious debt issue could prove to be quite stressful and it could be making your life really difficult. It is important to look for a reliable and competent debt consolidation company so that your issues are resolved effectively. Here are some of the things to consider for making the right choice.

Seek Recommendations

Word-of-mouth referrals could be the most reliable way of choosing the best debt consolidation company. You must consider talking to your family members, close friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances and find out if they would like to recommend a personal favorite. You need to ask about the kind of experience they had and the extent to which the company provided assistance and if they were really competent in their job. Get in touch with some of the reputed credit counseling agencies in your locality for their recommendations and professional advice.

Choose a Company that Is Not EagertoSuggest Quick Solutions

Even though you are looking for quick and effective solutions to resolve the debt issue, you need to be quite cautious while seeking professional help. Stay away from debt consolidation companies that offer almost instant solutions and promise super-quick results. You must opt for a company that handles your issue with seriousness and patience. They should be having enough time to attentively listen to your issues, examine your financial records and other relevant documentation meticulously before coming up with a concrete solution. Seek assistance from a reputed company that offers perfect debt solutions.

Opt for a Registered Debt Consolidation Company

Since you are in a major financial crisis, it is a good idea to seek help from a registered and renowned debt consolidation company. A registered company would go out of its way to help you to the best of their ability so that they offer the highest quality of customer service and make sure that their goodwill and reputation do not suffer.

In this context, you must know that reputed debt consolidation companies are actually registered with well-known industry associations like the ‘National Foundation of Credit Counseling’ and ‘Financial Counseling Association of America’.

Conclusion: Examine the Better Business Bureau

You may initiate your research online by assessing the Better Business Bureau for reliable reports. The BBB seems to have a robust website where you could see if the current company is having an accreditation. If it has, then a rating would be attached to it. Keep the above points in mind while choosing a debt consolidation company.  The consumers require educating themselves so that they are able to make a wise and informed decision.

How Does a Debt Consolidation Loan Help You Reduce Your Financial Troubles?

Loans are pretty easy to get nowadays, and the banks are ever willing to give you unsecured loans or credit cards. The quick availability of funds has turned many of us reckless with our spending. Thanks to credit cards, compulsive shoppers can buy things they do not immediately need even when they are low on cash. Then they miss out on the monthly repayments, which results in increasing credit card debt.

If you have outstanding payments on several credit cards, you have to juggle the repayment dates, manage the repayment amounts, and also handle the reminder calls from different creditors. One way to reduce this hassle is to obtain a debt consolidation loan. It is a single large loan (or credit card), which could be secured or unsecured, taken to repay all the smaller loans. What are the advantages of taking a debt consolidation loan?

Reduced interest rates

One of the best advantages of a debt consolidation loan is that it comes at a much lower rate of interest than all the smaller loans that you intend to clear. The total monthly repayment amount will also be lesser than before. Paying off a consolidation loan can be a hassle-free process if you refrain from adding up to your debt burden any further.

Lesser interaction with creditors

The issue with having multiple loans running at the same time is that you need to handle visits and calls from several creditors, which is stress-inducing! A debt consolidation loan eases the burden of that, and you have to deal with only one creditor. It gives you a cushion to get your thoughts together in peace. The single creditor would not call you several times provided you can keep up timely repayments, which should be easier because of the reduced monthly amount.

Longer repayment period

As per the experts, another reason debt consolidation appeals to most debtors is that it has a more extended repayment period, which leads to the lower monthly payment and interest rate. The additional time helps you plan your finances better. However, the flip side is that you are stuck with a loan for longer than you may like, but that is much better than being unable to repay smaller tenure loans and becoming a defaulter.

Better fiscal discipline

Once you take a debt consolidation loan, it opens your eyes to the perils of having multiple loans. You become more disciplined in your spending, and all your focus goes to paying off that single loan without adding more to your debt burden. Having multiple loans always comes with the temptation of taking up another to tide over all the difficulties. When you get bound to a single line of credit, you know that you need to stay within the limits of that loan. That is how you would finally curtail your expenses to ensure that no new loans are added.

You need to remember that a debt consolidation loan is a way to get rid of the hassle of handling multiple loans. It does not erase your debt, and you will still have financial obligations to fulfill.

prostate cancer

What you should know about prostate cancer detection?

According to health experts, PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) is considered to be a substance that is created by cells within the prostate gland (of both cancer cells and normal cells). PSA is found mainly in semen. But a god percentage also has been discovered in blood.

Frequently used tests for screening prostate cancer

There are two tests that are used to screen prostate cancer. They are as follows:

  • DRE (Digital Rectal Exam): The nurse or physician inserts lubricated, gloved finger into rectum for estimating the prostate size as well as to feel any abnormality or lump present.
  • PSA (Prostate particular antigen) test: PSA level are measures in blood. A substance created by prostate is the PSA. The PSA levels in blood could be higher among men suffering from prostate cancer. PSA level is likely to rise in various other conditions which might affect prostate.

With the establishment of prostate cancer, PSA level is found to spike above 4. But a level below four does not mean that the person has not been affected by cancer. Around 15% of mean having PSA below 4 are likely to have developed prostate cancer that can be found with biopsy.

Men with PSA level of 4-10 have around 1-4 chances of developing prostate cancer. In case, PSA is found to be over 10, then the risk of developing prostate cancer can be more than 50%.

In case, PSA level is found to be quite high, then the physician at the best Prostate Cancer hospital in India is sure to recommend waiting for a while and to duplicate the test. Otherwise, he may suggest getting prostate biopsy for identifying if the person has developed cancer or not. When it comes to detecting prostate cancer, the biopsy PSA cutoff point conducted by the physicians is not the same. Few may encourage biopsy only if there are 4 and above PSA level. The others might recommend starting at much lower level like 2.5 or 3. There are other factors that might impact the choice made like family history, age and race.

Some elements which might impact levels of PSA

PSA levels may be raised due to various aspects that might take place besides prostate cancer.

  • Old age: Usually, PSA levels go up slowly with age, even if no prostate problem is noticed.
  • Bigger prostate: There are few conditions like BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), a non-cancerous prostate augmentation which affects men as they age and raise PSA levels.
  • Ejaculation: PSA levels may go up for some time and reduce again. Hence, physicians recommend men to avoid ejaculation for about a day or even more before the test.
  • Prostatitis: It is a term that best describes inflammation or infection of prostate gland. It can raise levels of PSA.
  • Certain medications: Intake of male hormonal agents such as testosterone or any other medicines which might increase testosterone levels could cause PSA levels to increase significantly.

Checking at the best hospital for prostate cancer treatment in India will help the patient to get the right treatment.

How Blockchain Certifications Will Put You As Much Sought Blockchain Professional?

The blockchain is booming with almost every industry seeking blockchain professionals and while some firms/organizations have started their own team of blockchain professional, nothing will beat a certified blockchain professional. So how do you ensure that you are the blockchain professional any company or organization is seeking? The answer is simple by learning the basics of blockchain and then digging deep into it till you are familiar with every working aspect of blockchain technology and can use it for any industry – whether medical or financial.

Read on to know more about blockchain, blockchain certifications and how you as a certified blockchain professional can make a difference in any organization. But before that let’s understand what is blockchain.

What Is Blockchain?

In the recent past, you must have heard the term ‘blockchain’ for numerous times. But have you wondered what is blockchain?  Let’s see what blockchain is. Simply put Blockchain is essentially a chain of blocks, however, if you look at it technically, blockchain is a non-centralized digital record book in which anything and everything can be recorded and kept for later reference. Initially, blockchain was used to record the transactions of cryptocurrency.

However, as more and more industries are going digital, they are using blockchain technology to record the details and store it for later reference. One of the other prominent industries using blockchain technology is Medical Industry. There are others as well that are using blockchain technology and hence a surge in the demand for blockchain professionals especially certified blockchain professionals.

So now the question is how do you become a certified blockchain professional? What are the basic qualifications and skillset you need to become a blockchain professional?

What Are The Basic Qualifications For A Blockchain Professional?

So what are the basic qualifications of a blockchain professional? Read on to know more.

  1. You should have either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  2. Professional experience as a software engineer will definitely work in your favor especially if it was in a fin-tech
  3. Deep understanding of ledgers, cryptocurrencies. While these days there are numerous job opportunities in various industries for a blockchain professional hence you need to be well-versed with ledger but not necessarily have a deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
  4. You need to be well-versed with distributed storage apps like RDBMS or NoSQL
  5. Soft skills and being a team player will definitely work to your advantage

Blockchain Certifications and Certified Blockchain Professionals

Blockchain certifications you may want to take a look at.

  1. Imarticus Blockchain certifications: Imarticus offers both blockchain courses and certifications.
  2. CBCA or Central Blockchain Council of America: CBCA offers four major certifications for Blockchain professionals namely BBP or Business Blockchain Professional, BBS or Business Blockchain Specialist, ABE or Associate Blockchain Engineer, SBE or Senior Blockchain Engineer.
  3. UdemyBlockchain certifications: Udemy offers certification in bitcoin professional and has a criterion to finish the course to apply for certification.