Planning to Visit Kerala during Festive Seasons? – Do not Miss These Out

Visiting a tourist destination during a specific time will allow you to experience all the special traditions that come together to highlight your overall trip. This is true especially in India, where the diversity of religion and culture allows you to look at a place from a different perspective every time you visit it. You will be able to enjoy the best dishes and become a part of the tradition and culture of Kerala when you plan your Kerala tour package to coincide with a South Indian festival.

Here are a few popular festivals of Kerala that you mustexperience at least once on your trip.


The 10-day festival of Onam is celebrated in August every year. It is one of the biggest festivals in South India. You can see flower decorations and Rangolis, everywhere you go. Do not forget to visit at least once classical performance during your trip to see the beauty of the Kathakali traditional dance. Attending a feast at one of the big temples is a must too. If you wish to experience the true culture and heritage of Kerala, Onam is the festival that you just cannot miss.



The festival of Vishu is celebrated to mark the Keralite New Year. You must visit Kerala in April to enjoy the celebration of this festival. The local people of Kerala celebrate the festival by beautifully arranging food items on a circular plate and offer it to the gods. This calls for a great picture that you can post on your social feeds. Also, you get to enjoy the best dishes that the state has to offer, once the people have finished praying to the gods.

Aranmula Snake Boat Race

The Snake boat race is perhaps the most exciting and adrenaline-filled festival of South India. This festival involves a group of 20 – 30 people rowing and racing their boats on the river. The race is accompanied by cheering from the beautiful women of the respective towns that are participating in it. After the race, all the contestants and spectators are welcomed to participate in a large feast that includes the famous dishes from all the different parts of the state.

Aranmula Snake Boat Race

Some other popular festivals in Kerala include Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Thrissur Pooram as well as Christmas. By making sure that your Kerala tour package coincides with one or more of these festivals, you will be able to truly enjoy the best trip you can possibly imagine.

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