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We’re starting to see some very impactful action in the war against plastic pollution.  Plastic pollution is an epidemic that we have been contributing to for far too long.  Each day, about 8 million pieces of plastic pollution end up in our oceans.  Since the 1950s, about 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide.  Even though we can’t undo the damage that’s been done, we can take action to start cleaning up our planet and stop consuming so much plastic. 

Tesco to Ban Brands Using Excessive Plastic Packaging

Tesco, a major British retail grocery chain, has recently pledged to ban brands who use excessive plastic in their packaging from their shelves.  Considering how major of a retailer this is, the decision could heavily impact the bottom line of many brands and companies.  It is estimated that by implementing this ban, Tesco will have removed about 4,000 tons of plastic from its house brand products by the end of the year.  In addition, Tesco has been using its platform to call upon their government to introduce a national public recycling program.

Canada Aims to Ban Single-Use Plastics by 2021

Just this Summer, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his plan to implement a ban on single-use plastics, that he aims to have in effect as early as 2121.  He claims this is just the first step in his plan for helping to reduce plastic pollution.  About 3 million tons of plastic is thrown away in Canada each year.  Currently, less than 10% of plastic used gets recycled in Canada.  The Canadian government has yet to decide which products will make their list of banned single-use plastics, but it could target items such as plastic bags, straws, plates, and cutlery.

Operation Plastic Pollution Purge is Teaching Sailors How to Tackle Plastic Pollution

Dave Jenkins, of Bronx’s City Island, is a sailor on a mission to help clean up our waters.  He considers the open water his playground, but not his alone.  He believes it is important to respect and care for the marine life living in the water and is bringing awareness to the issue of plastic pollution in the water to new sailors.  Jenkins teaches new sailors the ropes and while he’s at it, teaches them about plastic pollution, how to watch out for it while sailing, and how to effectively help clean it up.  He says that sailors have been cleaning up trash when they come across it out on the water for a long time now, but there is more awareness now more than ever, as the American Sailing Association has officially started Operation Plastic Pollution Purge, exposing 111 million people to the importance of water conservation in the last year alone.  Their mission is to create better, more environmentally aware and active sailors.

PornHub Joins the Crusade Against Plastic Pollution

At PornHub, the motto is typically ‘the dirtier, the better’, but they too believe in water conservation and reducing plastic pollution.  They started the ‘Dirtiest Porn Ever’ campaign, in an effort to raise money to donate to Ocean Polymers.  PornHub recruited its most popular amateur couple to create a video.  Here’s the twist.  It takes place on one of the dirtiest, polluted beaches, and while the couple goes at it, you aren’t able to see any of their private bits because of the pollution blocking them.  Then you see a cleanup crew come through, clean up, and well, you’re back to regular porn.

It’s incredible to see such big strides being made to end the plastic pollution epidemic.  Some of the biggest names are getting in on the action so, what are you waiting for?


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