Pointers to keep in mind before purchasing second hand mobile phones


For all those of you who are interested in buying a high end phone with readymade features but not willing to shell out money then to buy second mobile phones is an option. To buy a second hand phone is not a bad idea as you might end up availing a good deal. In the local market it is flooded with second hand mobile phones, but a careful inspection is needed in order to obtain a superior cell phone. Not only the warranty, wear and tear, internal and external damages are the points of consideration. Just because you are purchasing a second hand set does not mean that there is something wrong with it. Seldom is it seen that people love new phones and they are keener to keep them and discard the old ones.

To ensure that you avail the best of deals when you are purchasing a second hand phone consider the following points

Visually examine the handset

The moment you have undertaken a research and decided which is the phone you have to buy, move over to the local tech shop. It is going to take seconds before you decide which one suits you the best. Firstly you have to observe the phone from every angle. This is going to be obvious but you have to examine the scratches, internal marks and even bruised edges. Just check out the edges to figure out whether the phone has been part of multiple drops.

Then you have to move on to the screen and check out for marks or scratches. You have to switch on the screen and check out for cracks that are going to appear as fine lines or in the form of breeding pixels. The viewing experience might be spoilt.  If there is a physical keyboard checks out the broken lens. For any kind of damage check out the camera lens.

Keyboard and functional touchscreen

Looks cannot spell out the real truth. The phone might replicate a new look, but it might not perform in that manner. So to buy second mobile have quick hands on the smartphone. When it is the case of touchscreen swipe your hands across the screen and just taps on the icons to figure out whether it is functional. The lagged response has to be checked. When it is a physical keyboard try to press each and every key in order to figure out whether it is functional or not. Move across the apps and even menus to find out whether the navigation buttons are fully functional.


Cross check all the ports carefully. As mentioned earlier apart from checking out dislocation of ports, take a pair of earphones and listen to music or even FM radio. If the device contains accessories check out whether they are functioning well or not. Also check out whether the phone is working with a bundled charger or you might have to carry your charger along.

These are the points you need to keep in mind while purchasing second hand mobile phones.

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