Reasons That Convinces You to Buy BMW G 310 R

BMW has always been a brand that has managed to grab the attention of many people because of its incredible solution when it comes to automobiles. Of course people across the world, waits for the new release of this incredible brand and needless to say so far the company has always managed to exceed the expectations of its fan. Here is the good news for all the BMW fan followers. The most awaited BMW G 310GS and G 310R are recently launched at the ex-showroom value of Rs 2.99 lakhs and Rs. 3.39 lakhs. This street naked and adventure tour biking concept is worth to try out especially when you have the zest to travel the world with your lovely bike.

The grand Launch says it all:

Known for the street racing and other known for the adventure riding, these sibling bikes have recently grabbed the attention of many buyers. Both BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS are launched with a solo variant and the motor road is yet to come up with some incredible offer along with great accessories and goodies for those baby bummers. Recently, the show run of Nagpur-based Motousher has introduced the aftermarket accessories for the riders of BMW G310 GS which seems to be quite eye catching.

Accessories to not miss out:

So far, the seller has managed to offer the best aftermarket add-ons with some of the well-known reputable brands such as Hepco Becker, Wuynderlick, and Scottlier to name a few. The accessories of courses come with a quality rather than the premium price tag that you don’t have to be worried off. Not only this, there is also an outing screen that cost of around Rs. 17, 900/- with some other attention grabbing accessories such as the top case carrier, case rack and even the mirror extent with front suspension to name a few that are quite unique in its own way.

Along with the BMW GS 310, you get a fairing safety guard buying option with extra headlight protection and handlebar riser that gear shot levers for better riding. In order, to have a stable performance, there are options like EBC brake pads, bark busters, and even clutch plates to name a few. Such type of accessories coms with world class products which of course would enhance the performance of the biking experience that you may not have had yet.

Based on G 310 R, G 310 GS is one of the powerful introductions so far which is powered with the same 313 CC and have complete injection with solo cylinder and 4 valve engine as well. The engineer tends to get the maximum power of around 33.5 bhp with 9.500 rpm. There is also a speed gearbox with the disc brake of around 300mm and a four piston calliper with front and 240mm disk brake as well. This adventurer comes with 41mm upside down front forks as well.

With so many incredible features, don’t miss out the opportunity to grab the one for yourself today.

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