Requirements and Procedure of Visitor Visa of Canada

Canada is situated in the bosom of the Vancouver’s waterfront. It is a place which everyone wishes to explore. Most of the people want to immigrate to Canada because of its diverse culture, its welcoming nature, its ambience; it also provides excellent opportunities in the academic field. People are free to visit Canada with their families, but they have to first apply for Visitor Visa Canada. Around thirty-five million people trip to Canada every year some for leisure and some for travel, others to meet families. Proper documents are required to enter in Canada. In 1986 Canada place was opened for Expo 86 and now it becomes a heart of events on Vancouver’s waterfront and a national icon.

Requirements for Canadian Visitor Visa

  • The applicants should have valid travel documents like VAC consent form, IMM 5257- Visitor Form, IMM 5645–Family Information Form, IMM 5484-Additional Document Checklist and Photograph Specifications.
  • The applicant should be in good health.
  • The applicant should not have any convictions on immigration or any criminal record.
  • Persuade the immigration staff that you leave the Canada when your trip ends.
  • Have enough money to stay as your money need depends on for how much time you stay in Canada.
  • The applicants also need a letter of invitation and medical exam from anyone who is the Canadian citizen.
  • Some people are not acceptable by Canada, which means those people are not authorised to enter Canada. There are several reasons for you’re in admissible that are human rights violations, organised crime and criminal activity. Apart from this, some are inadmissible for health, financial or security reasons.

Course of Action Performed in Embassy for Getting Canadian Visitor Visa

  • The visitors have to pass the examination through metal detector machines. The visitor’s belongings will be inspected by x-ray machines and some other detection tools.
  • Visitors are prohibited from entering the Embassy if they refuse to submit their belongings for security screening. The items prohibited are as follows:
    • Purses bigger than 12*10*6 inches are not allowed.
    • Sharp tools like blade & knives are banned.
    • Any pump spray, lotions, oil, powder or any liquid.
    • Any recording OR electronic gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, laptop computers, Keyless remotes.
    • Fire starters.
  • The Consulate has the right to reject any suspicious items.
  • Only applicants are allowed to enter during Visa interviews.
  • The entry of any person can be dismissed by Consulate. Applicants of over 80 years, minor Child and disables can bring one person with them to assist with application process.
  • If any one can’t speak English can bring one interpreter with them, but consular staff will decide that the interpreter is needed or not.
  • Indians apply for Canada visitor visa from India.

The Canada has the broad and beautiful range of restaurants, beaches & islands, hotels and many more places to visit. Its weather is also enjoyable so, once everyone should visit Canada.

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