Savor The Native Flavor And Taste At The Nearest Guajarati Restaurant In Singapore

Gujarati foods are acclaimed throughout the world due to their unique taste, flavor and colors and like Punjabi foods they are well sought after by one and all irrespective of they being Gujarati or otherwise. There is a huge variety of food spread awaiting you in Gujarat, India when you go visiting people’s home or a well reputed restaurant, but you may not have that luxury when you are in a foreign country. However if you happen to be in the Peninsular Malaysia a Guajarati restaurant in Singapore can offer them all and quench your thirst for the native Gujarati food, snacks, sweets and their flavor.

Kinds of dishes you can expect from Gujarati restaurants

Guajarati recipes are primarily vegetarian and are among the oldest from Indian culinary variety. You will find a wide range of vegetarian dishes that are uniquely cooked and served with pickles, chutneys and farsans and mind you, they are simply delicious and highly nutritious.

The most famous of them all include Dhokla, Gujarati Kadhi and Fafda, which actually blend many flavors while dominated by sweetness. Since the climate of Gujarat is a mixture of heat and dryness, lemon, sugar and tomatoes are liberally used to douse the fire in the body and hydrate it back to normalcy.

If you go for a thali or full plate of food, the Gujarati food fair will comprise of rotis or pancakes, dal/sabzi, or shaak and rice. The food is supplemented by the heavenly taste and spice of homemade pickles. Traditionally the food is served in silver thalis or plates and most prominent ingredients used in the recipe would include gram flour or besan, sesame seeds, yoghurt and lentils.

Prominent dishes you can eat from Gujarati restaurant in Singapore


This is the ultimate Gujarat dish that everyone clamors for. It is spongy, soft and delicious. Dhokla is easy to make and it takes just 30 minutes to cook it and restaurants serve them in different forms and flavor along with green and red chilies. Apart from being a mouth watering snack Dhokla is considered healthy and fit for eating people suffering from obesity. It is served with tea to guests and you can enjy the same when you visit a restaurant.


Another much sought after Gujarati Snack that has caught the imagination and taste buds of connoisseurs.  The main ingredient of Khandvi is gram flour and it is tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and coconut and served in tight rolles along with cups of hot tea.


This is something you can’t wait to taste and this dessert is delicious, sweet and savory to the taste buds. It is a three step recipe that comprise of yoghurt, sugar and cardamom powder topping. It emantes a creamy flavor that is unstoppable and a must taste when you visit a Guajarati restaurant.

AamShrikhand with Mango Salad

It is a delicious dessert and a variation of the plain shrikahnd. Here it is combined with Mango, the king of the fruits and is fantastic offering during sizzling summer heat. Many combinations are served in restaurants.

We have an array of wonderful snacks that are salty, spicy and tasty from the gujratireceipe and the most popular of them would include Patra, Fafda, Handvo, Dal Dhokli, thepla, and Gujarati Kadhi. It is greatly tempting, is not it? Visit Shivam Restaurant, a delightful Guajarati restaurant in Singapore to taste them all and call the number PH: (65) 6908 2966 to book your table.


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