Scientific Reason For Keeping Record Of Baby Growth In Different Videos

Most parents tend to keep a video record of the pregnancy period and time of growth of the baby. This has a huge emotional importance to them and it is also a major factor related to scientific approach towards taking proper care of the baby. The videos made during this time have huge future importance when it comes to biological factors. During the different stages of pregnancy, several symptoms and complications occur which can be kept in a video for consulting for future purposes.

Scientific Facts About Keeping Video Records

Keeping video records is a good practice that most of the parents try doing. Keeping proper records includes taking pictures and videos of every stage of pregnancy including the starting positive test result to the time of delivery. Different stages of pregnancy are important for different reasons. Some parents also keep video of baby growth week by week which is an even better method of keeping track of health of the baby. Having a proper idea about the growth of the baby can be beneficial in taking appointment from the respective doctors and doing necessary tests.

Not only for the health of the baby but also for various other reasons keeping video records can be a good solution. There are some emotional aspects associated with it that are related to the family. Some of the most common ones are given below:

  1. Keeping video records helps a woman when they are planning to have a second child. All the necessary facts they need to understand about complications that arise during pregnancy can be checked. This can be done only by having a proper idea of the stages of pregnancy with the help of the video made during previous pregnancy.
  2. Then comes the importance of keeping a medical history of the mother. It helps in getting a future consultation about the things to do. It facilitates work of the doctors and they can easily check the symptoms of the previous time and offer the medication that is required. Keeping medical history in a video format is a perfect solution for couples.
  3. Keeping a constant video recording of growth of the way we can help them understand when the baby is in distress so that they can consult a gynecologist soon. Changes in the body of the mother are easily visible with time and any evolution from this condition should directly be consulted with the respective gynecologist.

Therefore baby growth video has helped many couples understand their complications and get the treatment at a perfect time. A continuous baby growth video has some great benefits from the emotional point of view making it one of the top choices to keep the memory of pregnancy. Doctors also allow the fathers to capture the moments of the time of delivery.


Since it is beneficial to keep the videos of baby growth week by week, all couples should do it. With such a great opportunity to keep medical records in hand, it is going to become a common part of pregnancy soon.

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