Secure Your Online Photo Collections In The Best Cloud Storage

The construction of a collection of photos and multimedia that depicts your take on life is nothing to be taken lightly. Given the limited amount of space that remains after the multitude of apps and software has taken up residence in the core memories of your device, realistically how much space can you give up to your photo storage?

Technology has been fast in increasing the quality of photos through camera enhancements, but the storage space has not increased proportionately. Optical image stabilization and bokeh focus are all well and good, but when it comes to the file sizes, there is much left to be desired. Even the terabytes of hard disk space that comes bundled with laptops fall short on the factors of portability and ease of access.

The added threat of device crashes and software bugs leads to the need for a secure, flexible and spacious photo storage. This is where DataBagg online photo storage rises to the occasion. In terms of cloud storage, it incorporates the latest technology to address the issues regarding photo storage, while enhancing sharing and editing features.

DataBagg Cloud Storage In Action

With the early adopters of technology making the best use of their cloud storage, why should you lag behind? Professional photography requires quick results from original photo capturing to final image delivery. The intermediate steps of copying the photo to your device which has the image processing software installed on it, then processing the image for best impact, exporting the file to your client’s required format and then sharing the final photo with them are made easier with DataBagg.

The relevance of personal photos is not lost on DataBagg either. Security of your data is a factor that is given top billing by DataBagg. Just some time ago, even Apple’s famed iCloud was hacked and the consequent scandals resulted in calls for greater data security on the cloud. With such precedents, it has been a goal at DataBagg to incorporate the best security features and have them built in from the ground up at the physical data centers, where the servers that form the cloud reside securely.

Unpredictable threats that can befall data like photos and videos are numerous. Accidental deletion from the physical memory of your device can be hard to bear unless you take note of the age-old adage, a stitch in time saves nine, and sync your photos to one of the best cloud storage providers around, DataBagg! Also, the loss of camera memory cards is quite common and leads to quite a lot of detrimental personal and professional situations. If you invest a little time in uploading the photos you have painstakingly clicked on to your online photo storage account, it will put you at your ease and also let you reuse the memory card for capturing more photos!

Your Memories, All In One Place

The best cloud storage advantage is the round the clock availability of your entire gamut of photographed experiences. DataBagg lets you sort and shares your photos according to your wishes, with multiple options of layouts and image editing tools that let your photos do the talking – as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Above the core technical aspects of it all, the level of detail delved into by the auxiliary services surrounding the online photo sharing on the DataBagg cloud is appreciable for the thought put into it. A photo collection is only as good as the enhancements that make it deliver the results you want, and DataBagg certainly checks the boxes on that score!

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