Serious Conditions Of Constipation During Pregnancy

Digestive problems during pregnancy are the natural auxiliary effects of it. There are various digestion problems that occur during various stages of pregnancy and all of those are curable with simple medication or natural ways. The most important part of digestive medication is that most of the medicines have no side effects to the baby, due to which mothers do not need to be concerned more about the issues after medication. But it is to be noted that during pregnancy each and every woman should have medicines that are prescribed.

Digestive problems associated with pregnancy

There are some digestive problems which start from pregnancy. At first, there is the tendency of nausea and vomiting that goes on during the earlier stages. Antiperistalsis is a symptom of pregnancy that gets the food out of the body, resulting in problems in nutrition. For proper growth of the baby, the mother needs enough sustenance.

There are also conditions of slow digestion, which basically helps in getting enough nutrients so that the baby can benefit from it but that same condition causes intense constipation in mothers. Newly prepared advanced pregnancy digestion medicines are some of the important measures to curb the problem. Continuous constipation may lead to an ulcer in the stomach and also hormonal problem in the intestine.

Mothers may get tired faster if they do not get enough nutrition that they require, causing serious trouble having proper feces. Proper nutrition of mother is also important to keep the baby get immune towards a lot of infection. The innate immunity comes from mother resulting in the first defense mechanism of the baby from diseases after birth. Therefore it is important to think about benefit of mothers too.

Things to be done to come out of constipation

There are certain measures to stop constipation. Some natural ways are there, which can be administered in the lifestyle of every pregnant woman.

  1. One should drink water more often.
  2. Meals should be taken at short intervals so that stomach never stays empty.
  3. Foods rich in nutrients should be included in the diet along with a lot of roughage to smoothen the process of digestion. Roughages help in faster digestion.
  4. Spicy foods and fat-rich diet should be avoided to tackle the situation. Those are the main ingredients for constipation.
  5. Medication needs to be taken at proper dosage and should not be stopped unless it is prescribed by the doctor to stop. Even if digestion turns normal, then things may get back to previous constipated condition with irregularities in medication.

During pregnancy digestive system works keeping the condition of the baby the first priority. So most of the nutrients from the body of mother are transferred to the baby through the placenta so that enough cell growth and division occurs resulting into formation of a healthy baby.


Constipation is just another effect of pregnancy which is quite natural and not actually a disease. It is a condition that is curable with enough medication and a proper diet prepared for the mother.

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